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You know you're doing something right when

You know you’re doing something right when three people in one day all say they placed orders because they heard how good you were at what you do.

Seriously this is high praise. I asked the last one where he heard how good I was, and he said “Forums, all over!”

Yeh I’m bragging a little bit here.

My point is, aside from bragging about it, that your reputation is your most important thing you can have.


Yes! I get giddy like a school girl when people tell me they heard about me from someone else. Just this morning I had a new client state they got my link from a colleague at work. I love knowing that people are sharing my profile and believe in me enough to sing my praises. Gloat it up!


@ducktheunicorn I love your gigs and images, especially that second gig you have with that thumbnail, so cool!


And I also notice that most of the time when I see a brand new seller of the thing my gigs are for they have copied at least one or two phrases I use with everyone to describe my gigs and services. They have copied something in my title, or in my description, or even in the routine phrases I use that are unique when I message clients.

Only they often use mangled English in the rest of their profiles and descriptions.

I have messages in general about what I do and all the various side streets involved related to what I do which I feel I should somehow share with others who may be interested but can’t figure out how to do it. I need to write a book but don’t have the time.

You should hire a ghostwriter. :joy_cat:

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Good one! :ghost:

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What was that? I couldn’t quite hear because of the sound of bells ringing and trumpets billowing praise over the horizon. :wink:

Well done.

Sadly, I actually hate these messages. After I receive them, I typically get a followup of "we need your best price…"

I had a regular buyer who’s cryptocurrency exchange I got to the first page of Google. The owner was thrilled and messaged me to say they were expanding and opening a new branch in Australia. The manager of that branch would be reaching out, he said. Then when this person did, they heaped on praise before asking for a 50% discount.

In fact, when I think about it, that’s the way messages like this always work out for me. :frowning: That means none convert as I have a policy of not working with anyone who asks for a discount.


Well, that’s the opposite of what we want. If they think you are so great, they should tack on a 20% increase, not ask for a discount. You get what you pay for.


I get the false flattery too but it’s apparent they are leading up to asking for something. These three times today they all placed orders without asking for anything.

I feel like I’m a phenomenon.