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You know you're on Fiverr for quite a while, when ... or "Just another manic Monday"

… you know that the first message you’ll see in your inbox in the morning after you’re back from out of office mode will be a spam message. You also know what it is about, without even reading it.

Not really intended as a *Rant", but it’s not really a Conversation either, so I put it here, please feel free to add, and let’s laugh about our "You know"s together. :slight_smile:


You know it’s just another Monday on Fiverr when these are your buyer’s request options include:

Hello :slight_smile: I’m looking for a writer who knows how to write brother/sister foot ****** stories. Thanks!

My budget is £50 for the entire 50,000 words and this cannot be negotiated. This is a creative writing job. Very important that you can do 2000+ words a day, each day

(The spammers did seem to wake up after their too-short spring nap, I had a couple last week as well)


That person has arrived directly from Hogwarz Express.

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