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You know


Those times when you work on a project, revise, revise, revise, it’s never perfect… and finally at the end – asking for a couple freebies on top of everything else? sigh

I will say that 99.999999% of my buyers are awesome… but some people’s kids…


I once had this guy who says I have no idea how to describe what i want I just know what sounds good… seriously??


i find the worst part with any sort of audio gig is that no one can explain what they want properly people will ask I want the background music light and you’re voice enthusiastic or I want it bouncy or I want you’re voice bright. ya good luck getting this done in one go :S. I feel for you kiffiny :slight_smile:


I would definitely set a limit to the amount of revisions you will do for free! Some people unfortunately are just not worth the extra time.


Totally off topic, but @kiffinyjean and @bachas85, you both have some killer speaking voices! How do you not lose those voices doing so many gigs?? My voice is shot after talking on the phone for like 45 minutes lol!


In retrospect… I was tired, and this guy is actually a REALLY nice client. Some of the mistakes were totally glaringly my fault.


Reply to @bachas85: @capellevagaughn – lots of water. I’ve found I really have to change my diet or I get super tired in the afternoon when I do all my work.

Bachas! I totally saw one of your projects on youtube when I was researching a pronouncing some new diet suppliment. You’re gorgeous!


Reply to @bachas85: I’m going to start refering clients who want Spanish to you.


Reply to @bachas85: Anything that doesn’t involve me speaking bad spanish is a kindness!


Yep. There is always that person who tries to take advantage of us :frowning: