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YOU made a mistake! (wait, I made a mistake, never mind...)

Am I the only person who gets a bit of a guilty, yet smug feeling when a buyer comes for you, guns blazing, about a mistake that YOU have made, only to discover moments later that it was entirely their fault?

A client messaged us today explaining that the Voice Over we provided a month or so ago, for a very important webinar that had been aired, caused their client MUCH embarrassment, because we had a ‘slip of the tongue’ when recording (said the wrong word). They were willing to forgive our transgression, but expected us to fix the error for them ASAP.

Now, we have a policy that we will fix mistakes for free, so yes, of course we’ll fix this right away. But (not being meant in an arrogant way), we don’t often make mistakes. It’s something I take pride in. Our accuracy is top-notch, even with scripts with thousands of words in. So, I always double-check when someone suggests we’ve messed up. It does of course happen from time-to-time. I just always check, even if only to learn from our mistakes for next time.

Long story short, a quick scan of the script, and the mistake was entirely their’s. The ‘incorrect word’ was clearly written in the script. We’d read what we were asked to read. Their client was embarrassed due to their mistake, not ours. (although I’ve no doubt we’ve taken the blame, as far as their client is concerned!)

To be fair, the client did apologise when I mentioned this to them, and their tone changed dramatically. It became less of a “HOW DARE YOU” vibe, and more of a “oh, yeah, ha, whoops, do you reckon you could fix it?” vibe.

I’m not looking for any answers/advice here - just ranting in the ranting pot. I wondered if anyone else had similar stories of being ‘put on the naughty step’ by their clients, only to find out that they were very definitely in the right?


Was the ‘slip of the tongue’ an obvious error or was it something that only the target audience would notice?

I try to avoid script drama by including proofreading with my gig. I do not like nor want to voice scripts with broken, nonsensical, or terribly structured English and send a proofread version back to the buyer for approval before recording. If the buyer doesn’t approve of the modifications, I will record the original script, errors and all. Fortunately, almost all my buyers approve of the script adjustments I make.

We do offer proofreading as a gig extra, and when it’s super obvious that something is a mistake, we’ll usually go back to the client and double-check with them. I agree that recording an obviously-wrong script is a bit of a waste of everyone’s time.

On this occasion, it wasn’t obvious at all. It was an entirely different word, but both words would have made sense in both the sentence and the context.

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Yep, I guess we all have to deal with it from time to time :see_no_evil:
For me typos cost less because I usually just need to retype the word In a logo. (So it’s not such a big change as in your case.)
I also quite often get furious clients because of fiverr bug. For some reason fiverr sometimes shows files from the previous delivery, not the last one and I do get “angry” messages more often than I would’ve liked. Something along the lines “I already approved an order and you sent me the wrong files. Send correct ones ASAP”.

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