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You may be killing your best seller without knowing it

Trending on Fiverr now is seller demotions. Sellers are being dropped from various levels because of performance including response rate, bad rating, and late order completion. As a seller, this is a welcome development because the goal is to have a strong and reliable fiverr community where quality services are expected. However, from my experience, a seller’s poor analytics is not entirely their making. Buyers too have a role to play in helping sellers meet their performance benchmark. For instance, a buyer who ordered a gig and go on holiday without provision for follow in up on the order in case the sellers has a question or not will lead to late delivery. A buyer who failed to adhered to sellers request to contact them before placing order may end up ordering a gig the seller is unable to handle.a buyet who is quick to leave bad review without a chance at revision, even when fiverr provides means of settling dispute will give a dog a bad name and a buyer who is not ready to provide the requirement for an order will give the seller a hard time processing the order.

Fiverr is a community comprising buyers and sellers as people who help one another to get what they want. They should be friends and cooperate to achieve the best instead of playing the relationship like foes.

It is not right for a buyer to get angry with a seller you are using for the first time if the seller did not do anything to provoke you. Imagine for a moment, if you own a business and engage employees to work for you, I think it’s your responsibility to train your staff and you won’t sack them when they made the first mistake. Yes, sellers are independent service providers and should be competent and above silky mistakes, but you need to understand that every new job demands learning and I think buyers should try to help their new seller to learn how to handle their jobs.

I am in the article writing niche and I handle content cutting across different niches, my experience has shown that a niche I am handling for the first time will require some time to learn what it takes to deliver unique and quality article for that niche. A buyer that wants a long tem relationship with me will help me understand how best to deliver compelling article that will resonate with their audience.

In closing dear buyers, the reason you are on Fiverr is to get quality Jon done for whatever purpose you want them. It is to your advantage to have your seller do a nice job so you can continue to use the seller and focus on other important activity of your business. Shop in around for a good seller sometime is time wasting and you dont want that because time is money.

Thanks for reading I hope this makes sense. Love you all!


100% true!!! I agree with you.

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Hmm. You are right. Sellers and buyers can help each other to get what they both want and happiness goes both ways.

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Yes. They are cooperators who need to work together. Thanks for sharing my view on this. Success!

yup i agree with you

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