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You May Have Violated 3rd Party TOS?


OK I just turned in a CS ticket on this but since they take a while to respond I thought I’d post here for advice as well!

I just got an automated e-mail from Fiverr “Warning” me that I might have just made on offer or accepted an offer that violates a third party’s TOS. I have a lot of problems with this:

  1. The e-mail does not tell you what you did, what order or gig they are talking about so you have no chance of fixing or correcting an issue
  2. I haven’t made any new gigs so it can’t be any new offer I’ve made (and all my offers are pretty tame, I write articles, don’t do fake reviews or anything, and make ebook covers)
  3. The e-mails says you can’t ACCEPT any orders that violate rules etc---- sellers don’t ACCEPT orders, Fiverr auto accepts all orders on your behalf it’s one of the only things I don’t like about the Fiverr system.

    I’m really kind of mad right now. They send a threatening message and don’t tell you what you actually did and give you no way to correct anything or defend yourself in the even you did nothing . . . grrrrrr



    You may not offer or accept services that potentially violate third parties’ terms of service.

    Please note that such warning may affect your eligibility for Levels and other features, as well as your account status.

michuk said: Not for payment, just to give him a few tips.

It doesn't matter what the reason is, but it's totally unpredictable if a person gets 'caught' or not. And in the future, read the ToS of any website you have an account with - especially if money changes hands.

musiclover said: Reply to @deannabalestra: If I was you, I would verify that the account warning is not on your record regardless.

I agree 100%. Better safe than sorry - it might save you from doing the *stupid dance* with Customer Service at some random point in the future.


It times like this where Fiverr really need to look at cases independently.

Some of there best sellers can be driven away by rubbish like this.


Ha, nevermind… looks like I’m a favorite now too.


Reply to @grammar_nazi: i quite agree with you that fiverr is getting rather “full of themselves” nowadays. they just suspend , block your gigs from search etc for no just reason.

i had my gigs removed from search recently and cs told me that the gigs are of low quality and violate editorial instructions, mind you these gigs have been in existence for about 3 month and bringing in good sales with 100% ratings.

someone at cs told me that i had had too many gigs denied recently and that they will not reverse their decision regarding my invisibility.

i opened an account on gig–bucks and believe me, they are more accommodating in terms of putting up gigs. i have become a level 3 seller on a fiverr alternative site in just a few weeks…i even have a gig on amazon that has over 234 views already.

i hope they change their ‘hard stance’ policy soon.


musiclover said: To be eligible to TRS status, you can't have any warnings.


Does the warning have an expiry date? Seems harsh if for the lifetime of being a Fiverr seller :-SS

musiclover said: This is how I avoid getting in trouble, by saving my own ass...I mean fragglerock. LOL

Hey, how come you can type ass?!?! Must be somebody's favorite! ;)


Reply to @rossonomous: indeed!


I got that same warning months ago because a buyer ordered my gig, and asked me to write a review on Yelp. The words “yelp”, “amazon”, and so fourth are trigger words that gives Fiverr the notion that you’re violating those websites’ ToS. When CS told me why I got the warning, I immediately requested a “mutual cancellation”. Even though I never offered to write the review, and cancelled the order, Fiverr still holdes ME responsible and told me, I no longer qualify to move up to a Top Rated Seller. Ain’t that a fragglerock!? Lol.

So, in other words, whether you or a buyer use terms, via the order page or fiverr messaging, that hints at the idea of violating a third party companies’ TOS, you will get a warning on your account. To be eligible to TRS status, you can’t have any warnings


Reply to @zoe_21: Idk. The staff honestly are as bad as my Cable company. One employee says one thing, and another says another. The last time I contacted CS, I was told I’m still eligible, so I don’t know what or who to believe. Idk what they consider a TRS, because…you know what I’m not going to even finish that statement. Lol


I don’t believe any of the best sellers will be driven away - they make enough money that Fiverr loves them and does ‘right’ by them. And if they do decide to leave, there will always be a stream of “I’m gonna make a living on Fiverr!” innocents to fill the void.


Reply to @itsyourthing: Very true. If they were able to make this kind of money off of fiverr, then they wouldn’t be here.


Update: So CS told me that it was for offering Yelp reviews. I told them I don’t offer Yelp reviews. They answered that someone must have ordered a Yelp review or mentioned the word Yelp - I answered nope, not that I had seen! They said it must be an error and ignore it - they didn’t mention anything about it making me not eligible for TRS or anything…


Reply to @deannabalestra: If I was you, I would verify that the account warning is not on your record regardless.


I got a warning for giving a client my email address. I hadn’t realized it was against the terms of service. I wasn’t trying to be sneaky and do business off Fiverr. I had formatted his book for him and it’s a really great book, I said here’s my email address if you need any advice promoting it. Not for payment, just to give him a few tips. I hope I haven’t blown my chances of TRS.

Good to read these comments and find out which trigger words to avoid!


Reply to @michuk: When you type the “@” symbol, you get an instant warning about exchanging contact information, but you still sent it regardless of the warning? O_o


I get that pink warning all the time and I ignore it lol - mostly because I get it every time the word “pay” “payment” etc comes up - I have no idea why that word is flagged since it is a necessary word to use when talking about prices for gigs. No matter that my prices are listed on the gig people ask me all the time what the charges are or how to pay for more gigs, in explaining how to use Fiverr I have to use these flagged words, so far nothing terrible has happened to me LOL. But I do not exchange any info or talk about any payments outside Fiverr or anything that is actually against rules

deannabalestra said: I get that pink warning all the time and I ignore it lol

It doesn't matter what the reason is - according to posts all over the thread, you just haven't been unlucky enough to get caught yet. :)


Reply to @deannabalestra: Anytime the warnings pop up, I just revise my message, just to be on the safe side. I always assume Fiverr is watching me so I watch what I say, or I rephrase it to sound innocent (which it mostly is).

Instead of using “pay”, I use “order”.

Instead of using “@”, I use “at”.

Instead of using “.com”, I use “dot com”, so I just send a .txt or .pdf file with link (still innocent).

I’ve had people send me messages with links, phone numbers, and so fourth. If its related to one of my gigs, I reiterate that in my respond message. If the person is trying to get me to contact them off Fiverr, I explain the TOS to them. This is how I avoid getting in trouble, by saving my own ass…I mean fragglerock. LOL