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You may respond to this review (This will be public)


i have just checked that Fiverr added new features in order review "You may respond to this review (This will be public)

If we add our Feedback and it will show to buyers profile or what?

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NEW - Fiverr Response toward buyers

This looks like “the second phase of the double-blind review system” has dawned. Nice!
According to a staff post about that phase, your review should show on the buyer’s profile, while your response to the review should show on your own page, below the buyer’s review.


I missed that post.
I’m definitely happy about it, but I have to admit it’s a bit funny :slight_smile:

Why do we always how to go through sh*tstorm before features are implemented the way we told them since the beginning.

All in all, Fiverr saves the day and all is forgotten :sun_with_face:


Unfortunately, sh*tstorms have become a sort of rite of passage on this site, of late. :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Very glad that they’ve started rolling out the second phase though!


I got the feature myself - finally, but really the damage in some people’s minds are already done. This should NOT have been a two-step process. Instead, it needed to be rolled out all at once to avoid the backlash the hidden feedback got. Still, glad Fiverr FINALLY implemented it.

Fiverr Started showing Reviews on Buyer profiles

I don’t have that feature yet. Is their review visible to the public without the seller adding a response?


Reviews are now visible on the buyer’s page as well


I’m happy that Fiverr has added this option to the new review system. In my opinion I see it is fair enough. Our reviews are now visible on buyers’ profile and we can answer to bad reviews on our profile. Now this is a good blind system review :+1:


We have to give feedback first, that feedback will shows at buyers profile and after that we get option for public review, That will show on our profile under buyers review.


Absolutely agree with this. I sent them a couple feedback messages because I was pulling my hair out not being able to respond to specific comments/concerns. I feel SO relieved this has been rolled out.


It might be too early to answer this but I’m wondering what happens if we choose not to leave any buyer review at all. Would we not be able to see what they left for our review? How long would we have to wait, and would we lose our chance to respond to their review?


Well, this seems like a great initiative! Finally :smiley:


I agree. If they mention any problems we can leave our answer.


So in general, someone had a very bad idea with the hidden reviews and now tries to fix it.


Actually there were so many mostly new sellers complaining on the forum that sellers couldn’t leave a review of the buyer on their profile that this was a response to that. It was to get sellers to leave a review of the buyer, without any influence from the review the buyer gave the seller. It was meant to help sellers.

So two kudos to fiverr for being responsive to complaints about that, and then tweaking the system to perfect it.


That’s a good question.


The Buyer Help Center still says

Feedback can be provided up to 10 days after the last delivery of the order.

So I suppose the seller has 10 days as well, they can either leave feedback, then both reviews show up, or not, then only the buyer’s feedback shows up after 10 days and neither party can leave a review anymore, once 10 days have passed.
The chance to respond to the feedback should not be affected by that, but I guess there’s some upper limit too to respond once the feedback shows up, so I wouldn’t wait too long if you plan to.

If I cancel the order from this buyer, can they still rate me?

I never review buyers since blind reviews started to be a thing. (I hope most others are doing the same) But today I did check a feedback I received a week ago and was visible today, and it was giving me the option to respond to it. :slightly_smiling_face: So going into the right direction at least!


Well, though now the feedback by those who did leave feedback does show on buyers’ profiles and can be a help for other sellers.


So, I was checking out some completed orders (last month’s), and the ‘You may respond to this review’ feature popped up for all those orders as well. Will past buyers get specifically notified when sellers write a public review for them (now), or will they just see it when perhaps, they refresh their profile page the next time?

Does anyone have any idea about this?