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You must be logged in to access this page?

Hello! I am using Chrome, and Windows 10.

Today, when I went to my notifications to access a current order, I was denied access and said ‘you must be logged in to access this page.’

The same message shows even when I found another way around getting to the page, and tried to download the required materials for the project. Yikes! I’ve even logged in again.

Try this:

  • Clear all your cookies or at least the ones for Fiverr.
  • Do the same with cache.
  • Restart your browser.
    Look to see if that fixes your problem. If not, do the same steps and also restart your computer before you restart your browser. If that still doesn’t work, submit a ticket to Customer Support.

Yep… same issue. def. a bug. I was trying to leave feedback for a client of mine when I got this message. I had to do a workaround for it, but annoying to no end.

Worked for me. Thank you!

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I’m using Edge on Windows 10, issue suddenly cropped up today. It looks like the UI has changed as well. Tried logging out and in again to no effect.

I definitely would not recommend a Microsoft browser for use with Fiverr. Fiverr is optimized for Chrome. Firefox usually works fairly well. Safari is known to be less compatible. MS browsers have issues with many sites and some have been caught with security loopholes. Try Chrome with the cache and cookies cleared. If it happens with both Chrome and Firefox, submit a Support ticket.

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