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You must feel proud on your service 😊

sounds too intense for me. I’ll stick to recording toilet-roll commercial scripts :joy:


ahahahahah, You deserve complement :joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::crazy_face:

Obviously, :blush::star_struck::heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t even check what my reviews are, lol :upside_down_face: .

:joy::joy::joy::joy: Good luck!

:slight_smile: Thanks!

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yes I agree with you.

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If you want to see review then you can check my profile.

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Appropriate @web_expert_24

I had a visit in your profile!!!Yah cool,

Ok guys i don’t wanna brag about myself but my first ever buyer called me satan who’s winner now? :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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I haven’t find any words for this :cry::cry::cry: but fiverr could take care of this as seller friendly platform…! Although it’s buyer friendly!

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