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You must get the work from buyer by conversation

Get message from buyer by conversation. You will get work in future if you write this such as —“Hi there, I am happy to receiving your message. I always want to give my buyer height performance from me in time. I know better work give me better chance for improving relationship. See my account I have created better quality work. I am waiting for the project, If you want. thank you very much.”


It will be helpful for you.


I think this will be more helpful:


Sorry but if I wrote something like this I would never be able to get any order again.


Communication is crucial. In the past I had to contact some sellers for some work which is out of my field of knowledge. I was surprised how unprofessional was the way of communication of many sellers even on Level 1. It may seem nothing, but the way you respond to your clients, can increase significantly the number of orders and the positive rating.
Some sellers have only answered me with “Hi” to maintain their response time rate high. Never do that! If you are going to answer someone, provide them a good explanation and anticipate possible questions they may ask.
Just thanks to the way you communicate you can make a user buy a standard or a premium package and not just a basic one. Help them understand what they need and why they may need a premium package.
Never forget that you put your image in your work. I always put all of my effort into every project and and try my best by giving ideas to my clients and implement them. This may seem extra work, but to know how to advice clients and guide them is a must. I receive great and long feedbacks and sometimes even tips.
Build your strategy!


Thank you very much for all.

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Communication only works if it’s about the buyer and the goals they’ve expressed, not about you and how good you are for the job.

You haven’t proven suitability or credibility here. It just reads as “I’ll do whatever you want to get this sale.”

Other problems: you must never be generic or use a template and your message needs proper English. This is loaded with errors and awkward constructions.

If someone sent this to me I’d think they were unqualified and desperate.


Hi there,
Without communication properly, you will loss all. There are many experts who could not gain for lacking of communication.
So, It is so important also for you.

This English is even worse than the last one. I have no idea what you’re trying to say.

Why would a buyer hire someone they can’t understand and who could easily misunderstood what they want?


please don’t use this message , lol

i agree that his advice is terrible.
but you are also not so friendly, alot of buyers order from people like the topic opener and myself.
we don’t have to know perfect english to deliver good quality.

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Account created in October 2019 (though they say they’ve been working on the platform since 2017), a total of 6 reviews from 2 different buyers. That’s not a lot. You are doing much, much better than the OP (and your English is considerably better, too, even though the OP claims to be fluent in English).

No, you don’t. But if it looks like the whole process will be stressful because of really bad English, the buyer is likely to choose someone else.


thank you very much for this.

It isn’t just about good quality. It’s about being able to understand your seller and knowing that they’ll understand you.

And yes, if a service involves English, it’s immoral to charge money if your English is poor.

No buyer should have to try to figure out what a seller means. Imagine charging someone and then expecting them to do extra work just to communicate with you.


Thank you very much. Wish you best of luck.

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Thank you very much for better concept

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Thank you very much that it is useful to you.