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You must have 90% positive rating how to solve

I have 4.4 Rating on my profile. and when i am going to Buyer request it is saying me You must have 90% positive rating to send offer

Which amount of rating counts as 90% positive rating
how can i send buyer request

when you get 90 out of 100 it is 90% lol… Complete next orders by doing hard work, you will be able to send offers after your rating goes to greater than or equal to 4.5


Mr Lol! Thanks For your Answer … By the way you actually answered in second line

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Please stop using that kind of language do respect and get respect. He answered you in very professional and respectable manner.


If you want to be able to post replies to Buyer Requests, you are going to have to have a positive seller rating above 90%. And in order to raise your seller rating above 90%, you’re going to need to deliver more work that earns you positive reviews.

If you need to gain more orders, perhaps now is a good time to market and promote your gig elsewhere (online and off). YOU need to earn your sales. Don’t rely on BR to be your only source of sales.


I have also 4.3 positive Rating.
How to fix it.
Anyone help me?