You must have at least 90%!


You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers!

how to remove this thing we creaat yhhe offer


how to remove this issue form our fiver acccount


You need to bring in a few outside customers, deliver orders successfully and get your rating up.


THANK you .but how can do this friend


You could promote your gig(s).
See the promotion section of the seller help section below.

When you deliver an order you could make sure you give the client the best possible according to what they ordered, to help get a high rating. Also check things like spelling in gig descriptions. Maybe show something in your gig gallery (whether images or a .pdf) or have a gig video that shows how good your service is and what a buyer can expect from it.

The buyer did actually give you a high rating though, just not high enough according to Fiverr’s requirements for the BR section. I think the requirements for that section should be lowered really.


promote your gig and get more clicks, impression and views