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You must have at least 95% positive rating to make new offers!


Hello World

Logically rating comes from orders we succeed to satisfy, then if we don’t got orders and can’t make offers due to high level of the minimal rating asked : what could we or must we do?

Thanks for all sharing !


95% is a big to much as many of us get bulk orders from some spammers and then they cancelled it making our ranking tumble down. I think 70% would be fine… I appeal to Fiverr Team to look into our call as i have been dedicated doing great work but now i cannot contact potential clients as well due to 95% restriction.


wait for people to find your gig and order from you.


Wow!! way to turn away your customers. This used to be such a great website and were I could get contacted by many when I requested something. I don’t have time to look around your website and when I am offering gigs it’s a lot easier to get gigs by contacting requests. Now that’s all gone. Fiverr is now useless to me. This is the dumbest implementation. Goodbye Fiverr. You now officially suck.


fragglesrock??? You people are dumb.


Wait, you people are complaining that you can’t make offers when you have a low rating? That’s good…it means customers do not have to deal with people that may mess up their gig. The only way you are going to have a 95% rating is if you let your customers down time and time again. The person that suggested 70% is just crazy. If anybody has a rating of less than 85% then they really should think about what they offering because it obviously is not working.


Also, your rating is based on reviews, not cancellations. So a 70% rating means that 30 out of 100 buyers disapproved of your delivered product and/or customer service. Way too many.


last year my rating drop from 95-100% because i stopped using firverr because my buyers were asking for TOO Much in a $5 Gig. I was delivering Quality Gigs with no problem, but I refused 2 requests that cancelled due to me taking too long, because I didn’t want to continue the gig…(thats Our Choice As A Designer or etc…Right?)…But I should have canceled 1st. Then I didn’t reply know that much about Cancelling…well NOW I DO!!..I try NOT to cancel unless there’s a pretty good mutual reason between the buyer and I. I can’t make any offers either…and I should be able to…because I’m good at what do! Hope Fiverr changes this policy In the next 30 days…Lesson Learned. [-O<


this is a great problem, my customer has rated me about 97% and if i want to send my offers to buyers under buyers request Fiverr or my Account will display this message, “You must have at least 95% positive rating to make new offers!” how then can i rectify this message and start sending my buyers the request of my gigs?


Reply to @innoprecious: You have 93% rating. If you get one order with 5 stars you will get to 96-97% depends how they round things.


whats this non sense…!!

Fiverr you are sucking the lancers.

Shat on you …!!


I fully agree with that rating thing. So those who are complaining that 95% is too much have the problem with doing the business WRONG!

So please read this and that will help you improve rating and reduce cancellations:

  • If buyer ordered your gig and realized it is not what he wanted it’s most likely YOUR fault! Make clear description!

  • Not clear descriptions are mostly used by people to manipulate buyers to seem like they offer something good but once order is made and buyer realized they do not offer what he wants he still accepts that as it is just $5 and does not complain a lot. So seller stole $5 with INTENTION.

  • If you do not know how to strictly describe what you offer and what buyer will get, just don’t create that gig. But people create messy gigs hoping to get easy $5 for nothing.

  • If your gig is ordered but buyer is not happy what he may get or didn’t understand - ask for mutual cancellation. Don’t force buyer to give you $5 because he already ordered it!

  • If you can’t finish your gigs on time in 99% it is YOUR fault. If you think you need 1 day to finish something then put it 2 days or 3 days and you will never late!

    I just do know how people complain for having 20-30% of cancellations and below 90% rating.

    Most of my gigs are done in 1 day… But I put deadline of 5 days. Why? I know they will be ranked a bit worse and that I will have less sales maybe but I know I will NEVER late! I have 5 days to finish 30-60 minutes work! So my buyers will not listen to excuses like “I went to the hospital” “Electricity was down” “My friends father died” etc etc…


The 95% thing is ghetto, the rating system is flawed…


You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers.
I have at least 87% rating now.
How to fix it?


This was the same case with my previous account! just because one buyer gave me a little low rating, My positive rating tumbled down to 87%. I waited for about a month so that I get any order but I didn’t and then you can see, I had to make a new account and start from scratch and let me tell you! this is not good! I am still waiting for my first order via this new account.
All the best to you. I hope someone will purchase your gig and then you can do your best and improve your rating so that your business is back on track.


I have no such connections with people who would require my services and hence, I got no results even after promoting my skills.


how can i solve this problem, any one can guide me


I am facing same problem just because of one seller, He purchase my gig without any discussion & and purchase my gig for $5, Job is very big so i didn’t work for him. He gives low rating on my gig, till now I am blocked to make new offer.


A new guy (photographer) who may not have enough knowledge about Fiverr gave me a lower rating, May be he just came on Fiverr to order 1 article as he is making a comeback to photography. He may not have good idea about the rating system.What to do?


@slamraz wait for people to find your gig and order from you. :slight_smile: