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You must have less than 5 orders...?

So Fiverr has introduced AVAILABLE NOW feature and we all love it when Fiverr introduces new features. but this time i don’t get it. There was already a feature that would show currently live sellers. but still the filter is good to narrow down the search for customers who need there job done asap. and it would be helpful for newbies be successful by staying active on fiverr.


Some seller takes high price orders may be in the rang of $100-$500+ and they handle 3-4 orders at a time… but for most of seller lower GIG prices like $5-$50. and they can handle 10+ orders.

So to me it seems like a new category which excludes sellers with high conversion rates.

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Well, I on the other hand agree with 5 active orders, because available now, means you can start working on the order now, and if you have 10 other orders, you can’t, because you have to work on at least 5 other orders first. :wink:

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but sellers has “FAST DELIVERY” addon in their GIGs. which means you will give priority to those projects…

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that is true, but in my case - I offer 1 day delivery, so I can’t really offer even faster delivery (as addon), but if I check that I an available now, that means, that as soon as someone contact me, I will start working on their project and I will deliver it in really short time.

Whatever the criteria were, there would be always somebody who didn’t agree with it.

It’s human nature to have a good moan when we think life’s unfair for whatever reason. :smiley:


You answered your question here:

so more than five orders in the queue aren’t anyone’s job done ASAP!

Fiverr wants everybody to be satisfied and have orders to deliver but if a seller have 10 orders on queue while some sellers are just begging/praying to have one, you should at least be satisfied to an extent. :zipper_mouth_face: I just saying tho

Yes according to the Beta version rules you must have less than 5 order to active this

Yes here u must have less than five orders.
Bcz this needs very fast delivery.and if u have many orders already.its not possible to delivery fast.

I like the idea. It is good for newcomers and people who are not doing so well.

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