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You must review buyer to see your feedback

I’ve seen similar topics addressing this recent issue, but let’s recognize that it’s another effort to make us complete paperwork (if Fiverr were an office manager).
What I’d like to know is, what is the result of not reviewing a buyer (I never will)?
Also, I’d like to ignore the pestilent “have you finalized your order with the buyer? Remind them that…”
If I don’t respond to that, will the order complete within two days? I’d like to again complain that these were all functions that Fiverr performed for seven years before they began sucking the teat of the buyer.

I am very new to Fiverr, but from what I have noticed, I could see their feedback before leaving my own review…except when I received a less than glowing review. Previously I had some 5 star reviews and could see the rating and comment before leaving my own for the buyer.

Today, I got a 1 star review from someone who failed to scam me out of $100+ payment for my work…
In this case, the score and comment were masked until I had left my own review of the buyer.

It doesn’t have anything to do with the number of stars, it’s the same for all reviews.
I did have to blindly review 2 buyers before I could see their reviews and both were 5*

If you don’t review, the buyers’ reviews will appear on your profile, gig, 10 days later, at which point you can’t leave your own review anymore even if you wanted.