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You must state in the video that your service is offered exclusively on Fiverr

Why have it to be exclusiverly? It isnt enaough with Fiverr? I have seen a lot of them in here and never i have seen it at Envato market. They use an automaticly (watermark) videhive etc…Why cant Fiverr have like the same? Its takesa lot of time to adjust a video every time for a right sentence!

Hi Adam

Great thats sounds very good.


That way, we avoid our videos being stolen by some automatic software and uploaded to a different marketplace (a Fiverr clone, for example). Of course, it could still be done by hand, editing that particular sentence, but at least not in an automated manner.

Hi escape_,

You’ll be pleased to know that I’m informed you no longer need to say “Exclusively On Fiverr”, within your videos (as from yesterday). This is indeed because Fiverr now has a watermark on their videos.

Previously (probably before your time), Youtube was actually used to host all videos. Due to this, it was key to both build the brand and keep the content exclusive that this was mentioned.



But I just received the mail with “You must state in the video that your service is offered exclusively on Fiverr”. I have added it nearly 8 seconds in the end of the video. Do I have to say it in the video??? Or isn’t it enough to write it? Seems a little strange to me. Does someone has an answer! Thanks

I am glad that I just saw this. I was just about to create gig videos and did not know that. Thank you for saving me some time!

my pain experience:I have failed for many time because of this statement or time,or picture’s size…that drove me crazy ,gosh.