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You need Faith just like a farmer

We need faith just like a farmer who plant a seed and wait for it generate. A farmer does not just wait but make sure the seed it is watered. When you put a gig, you are just like a farmer who puts a seed in the soil. Before a farmer put a seed on the soil he must know about the seed he is planting. Questions like how many days it takes to harvest, how much does it multiply, is it on demand, etc. You must take time to check order in your category and other category. Which one is on demand? How many sellers are in that Category and so on. Next thing the farmer needs is to prepare the ground at the right season. We must also prepare our gig in such a way that will attract customers. Do your research checking how your market is pricing, do not copy their design but you will have idea on how to prepare. Find a mentor will help you in future. The farmer after planting will water the seed. You need to advertise your gig on Facebook, websites, etc, also you need to be active on forum, and you will learn a lot of things there. The farmer waits while he checks his farm everyday. Soon if the seed shoots he continues taking care of it until his harvest. Soon your order will be out, then you do what you do what you know the best. If a seed does not come out in time, the farmer will investigate why and replant in the same season. Never give up, redesign and edit your gigs after you have investigated and researched. You shall harvest. A farmer does not depend on one crop, he mixes them so that he can take advantage of different markets. Identify your talents and put them in different markets. Take advantage of different markets.


Great post. You will reap what you sow.


Nice post really inspired by it


Great post! It was awesome to see this parable today, because I thought I should be active in the Forum since its been a couple of days, and this is the exact reason why I logged it - to water my seed :grin::muscle:t3::computer_mouse:


It is inspirational…
I’m even encouraged

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I agree,beautifully said!

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I’m a sucker for a good metaphor/ similie! :grin:


Amazing post! Brilliant example and comparison. Totally agreed with the facts.

I like this metaphor because, like a farmer dealing with bad weather, things can affect our business that are out of our control, but it doesn’t mean you are doomed. It means that if you adapt and keep learning your craft and business, you can grow – bloom, even.

Rain is an opportunity.


Beautiful words =) i love it

Thank you, this was much needed for somebody new like me on this platform.

In this case fiverr will be earth then this came to my mind
Is fiverr flat or round?


@juliousndhlovu useful stuff. Really helpful for new sellers like me. Thanks

I agree with you:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Nice post. And never stop of finding a way to improve on your current skills.

Quick question: Apart from Fiverr Forum, is there any other forum one can post and advertise his or her service?

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Awesome, love this one. Thanks for sharing

thank you for the share :slight_smile:


This is a photo from our little garden.

Little miracles, started from seed, how delicious and beautiful indeed

Funny, i think its round there are seasons and times… Day(when you have orders) and nights(when you have you orders). So the fiverr earth keeps spinning

Yes and it depends on your gig like what type of service you provide.
I do 3D so we have so many popular sites where we showcase our work and build portfolio plus popular FB groups where we get feedback from people who works or worked at AAA studio and films.

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