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You need feedbacks to grow and have success!


Nobody order from a newbie when are other gigs with great feedbacks. Lets grow up together !!


Many people sale their interesting service in Fiverr, but at the end they get very little amount of sales. This is because Fiverr is a big ocean with many suppliers & service. So, it is hard to get client without good reputation.


yes, it will take times.


I usually order from new members because they deliver faster. However, I take these things into consideration-

-What do their examples look like?

-Do they read and write like a business person? Because, let’s face it. IF UU TYPE LYKE DIS N PROMISE ME GIGZ RESULTZ LULUL I’LL PROLLY NOT ORDER FROM U!!! LULZ0R

If they have no ratings, I PM them first to clarify the gig and ask if they do a refund option if I am not satisfied. I’ve ordered from new sellers that thought they could pull a fast one on me and then not reply to my inbox messages. Then I leave negative feedback to warn future buyers of potential scam and all of the sudden, they want to 'fix what they did wrong.'

As far getting more sales, I see that the harder you work, the more you get. You reap what you sow. I always compare it to growing a garden. You have the seed. Now plant it and tend it so you can reap the fruits of your labor in the future. You can’t just say “Im new, no sales. Sadface.” You gotta get out there and do it. :slight_smile: