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You need to have paypal verified to withdraw money?

Hello I can help, I have to have paypal verified to withdraw money? and if I put a verified account and then I can change it to another
? Thank you

Yes. No you cannot change it to another. Why would you want to do that?

As long as I know you don’t need a verified account to withdraw money. Fiverr is only going to ask for your Paypal email and during the withdrawal will send a confirmation e-mail. You can change your Paypal account, but you will need to wait around a day if you want to withdraw, for security reasons.

As i Know fiverr don’t requires verified paypal account. But if you dont have verified paypal account, You amount in paypal may be on risk so you have to verified your PP Account.

You need to have a paypal account and then if you want to change it you can do that but you will have to wait one /two days before to withdraw your money .