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You need to know before planning about re-brand your company

Hi, I’m a Brand Identity designer [reference to ccleaner competing sites.] And now i want to share some notes which i make to develop a great logo.

  1. Make it coherent, not consistent.
    A new logo is born useless. The media demands an approach that is instantly useful. Make your new logo useful. Create landscapes that can change and adapt. Information can and should fuel the design and pattern. A brand should be adaptive & coherent, not just consistent.

  2. Do more than a logo.
    The logo is dying so ask yourself how can you brand without badging?

  3. Brand without badging
    A rubber stamped logo is not a brand. Remember…
    “A new logo should be a symbol of change, not a change of symbol.”

  4. The big idea is not the big idea.
    The big idea is not the big idea, but rather hundreds of ideas that form the brand. These ideas should be multi-channelled & multi-faceted.

  5. Own moments
    Find ownable moments that can be a spring point for the brand. eg. a color, season, taste, feature, etc.

  6. Remove the fear
    Branding is all fear & risk is attached to everything, but smart clients are those without the fear.
    We are hired for our principles, so stick to them.

  7. Weird works
    Weird shit creates monopolies. Trust the risky weirdo called creativity.

  8. Make it people-centric
    We are not in design business but in the people business. Educated clients believe in coherent brand worlds. Winning companies are placing design at the heart of their business.

  9. Create assets not costs
    Design is often seen as a cost in the boardroom but it needs to be seen as an asset. The reason behind it being seen as a cost is that everyone considers themselves as a designer.
    “No one trusts creativity because of the dolphin duvet.” (aka everyone is a designer, I chose this dolphin duvet cover for my home). The goal is to show that design is an asset.

  10. Chase the opportunity.
    Chase the opportunity, not the money. If you are doing interesting work and having fun, enough money will come.

If you want to discus about re-brand you company you can contact with me…!!

If any other expert thought anything i need to include here please let me know about it. I want to learn new thing every time.