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"You need to modify your gig" BUT WHY? [Solved]

Hi guys,
Recently i created a gig about making an Instagram promotion video, but shortly after publishing it I received a message from fiver telling me that my gig needs modification, and my preview video was denied approval.
The video was in full hd quality and was not copied from any other seller. At first, I had pics of the art work of my friend in it so I replaced them with the logo of fiver(which is quite normal) but It was again rejected. The last time I uploaded the video, it only had one pic of my friend, and I have all the right to use it anywhere I want. My preview video has been rejected 3 times already, I am afraid if I upload it again(even after editing) I might end up getting my gig deleted or even getting banned. Can any of you please help me with this? Thanks in advance.


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How do you know the video was the reason?

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this is how.

Note: The maximum limit is 50MB and should be MP4 or AVI files.

Tips on making a Gig Video from the Seller & Edu Center.

  • Do not use Copyright-protected materials or violate our Terms of Service.
  • We recommend that you mention your Gig is exclusively sold on Fiverr.
  • Fiverr is pronounced five-er.
  • Don’t include website URLs or contact information.
  • Videos should be at least 30 seconds long and at most 75 seconds.
  • Include a simple explanation of what your Gig service is.
  • Don’t use a computer to narrate your Gig; you should use your own voice.
  • Upload a high quality video (no audio/video syncing issues, weird aspect ratios).

Yes I do understand all these points.

  • My gig had no copyright item involved in it.
  • no URL or contact information was added in the gig.
  • The video was 35 seconds long.
  • No voice-over was included in the video.
  • The video was full HD.

If you can put your video on YT and message me the link, I’ll be happy to have a look at it if you’d like?

sure, just give me 5 minutes.

just messaged you the youtube link. Please check it out.

They REQUIRE you to mention that the gig is available exclusively on Fiverr. They want a sample explanation of your service, they want your own voice. I think it’s pretty clear just a video with no voiceover is not acceptable.

If it’s an example of a video that the gig is offering that doesn’t have a voiceover, then yes, it is.

OP sent me a sample and is off to CS to clarify what the problem is with the video. I made a few suggestions which I hope will help. :sunny:

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There are 2 examples in the thread which say basically NO — that’s not acceptable.

In the pink screenshot: if you use a delivery, you must also provide “context” (last line in “Missing Video” alert box).

And @nikavoice provided the text from the Seller & Edu Center. Which implies that while the VIDEO on the screen can be from a delivery it must have a voiceover that has the mention that the gig is exclusively sold on Fiverr, and “you should use your own voice” and “include a simple explanation of what your Gig service is”.

How can a gig delivery video without the voiceover fill those criteria?

I do not offer voice-over in that gig, so its completely fine if the preview video doesn’t have it.
I have contacted CS about the matter, will let you guys know about their reply here.

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If it’s an intro video etc, so it’s purely music or sound effects. The ‘exclusively on Fiverr’ part can be added to the video in text form. :sunny:

Then you would make that clear in the voiceover that your gig is only for the video, and you do not provide voiceover — and that your gig is available “exclusively on Fiverr” — those words MUST be in your voiceover.

No - it can be in text form on the video itself.

I think having fiver logo pics allover in the video sample makes it pretty much clear that the gig is only available on fiverr, doesn’t it?


The words they say are “Exclusively on Fiverr”. Fiverr logos say “Intellectual property theft”. Or may imply that your video is property of Fiverr, or created by Fiverr.

The video replaces your photo on your gig page. They expect it to be a verbal explanation of your gig. Customer Service will straighten it out but it’s not just something people optionally view. A bunch of pictures does not describe a gig.

The idea is to clarify what you’re offering for people who are too lazy to read the text below and figure it out. The quality of your video — in the video category — will certainly influence your orders.

It’s quite possible they use voice recognition software to check for “exclusively on Fiverr” in the audio track of the video and auto-reject based on it being missing. They don’t hand-vet everything that goes on with the system. Their programmers are too smart for that.

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Well, I guess the OP will get his answer from CS and we can all look forward to finding out the verdict! :slightly_smiling_face:


Lets just wait for the CS reply on this. Will post the screenshot here. Thank you guys for your valuable opinions. :slight_smile:



Reply from CS:


So the problem was the Instagram url shown at the end of the video.
@offlinehelpers, you were right about that.

Thank you everyone for your replies.