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You need to modify your gig - says Fiverr [ closed ]

I did some changes to one of my gig before a week,
after few days fiverr asked me - surajrenuka you need to modify your gig.
I dont know why they did this, this one is my one of popular gig and now its under review after my changes!
I don’t wanna delete this gig as it has many reviews and star…
does anyone know what and why? and how to save it?

Check your recent Email, which you got from fiverr and see why the gig denied . Also you will find the actual issue in this mail.
Sometimes it happens for duplicate content, duplicate images etc

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oh yeah!
They said your image was not uploaded successfully, but I have uploaded them when I started fiverr and everything was fine…but may be because of their server issue they lost it and asked me to upload again!
Thanks for your help @wpspecialist24

you are welcome Bro :slight_smile:

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Today fiverr asked me same thing! It was because i have copied the description from others gig!! i accept it but, i was unknown about it at first, i just saw the notification and edit the gig name. Later i saw this discussion!!

When will the fiverr review my gig modification? How long it will take to complete the action?

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this kind of issue occurs due to copy something from other sellers .that might be your gig images .descriptions ,or use of any picture which is not license free… so to overcome these problem do not copy or use copyright images…

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I never copied images or desc from any one though !

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One of my gig was also came over this situation even i did not copied a gig images so i mailed to the customer support .they told me that you are using copyrighted image…they also demand to provide the source file of your gig image …after providing source file .my gig was approved …
i will advice to change the title ,descriptions ,and images or videos of your gig.hope this will help you to avoid getting denied your gig.