You need to modify your gig


Suddenly after many profitable months/years Fiverr has decided it doesn’t like the fact that I used the same photo in multiple gigs. Thats fine, I was probably not following the rules as stated somewhere buried under who knows what.

My complaint is, instead of informing me, instead of giving me a chance to make it right, they decided to pull those gigs off of the market. This has made at least one of my regular customers message me hoping that I have not quit doing the gig.

We work hard to build momentum and now mine is gone, orders cannot come in until they ok my gig pictures.

I could be losing gigs and ultimately clients because Fiverr handles things like this. I make Fiverr plenty of money, they make me plenty of money, why screw this up by doing something so easily avoided?

Really gets me thinking about what other such are doing and what I need to do to start working with them. Probably just more of the same BS but it does make me wonder.


Wow that sucks!

I agree that there should be an in-between system where the gig isn’t completely delisted but a warning is issued to the seller for the required modifications.


Did you get a message to correct it when they pulled it?

The have what they call a “soft edit” where you are told to change something in the gig, then they put it back.


The exact same thing happened to me a month or so ago, I’d had most of the gigs up for a year, maybe 2 years - I changed the pics, was a pretty easy fix :grinning:


I think you should have gone rogue. Told Fiverr you liked that pic and that you were sticking to it even if you ruined your own income!

Nahhhh… :wink:


same thing happened to me as well,but instead of one gig they removed 3 of my High performing gigs without giving me any prior warning or a chance to fix the issue!