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You need to stop asking for reviews

Over the past week I have seen at least 10 threads complaining about buyers ruining their life, and not giving them a 5 star review.

I cannot begin to describe how petty it sounds to beg someone for a review! Just because you don’t get a review doesn’t mean they don’t like your work, I’ve had a buyer work with me for multiple months with a voiceover nearly every week, and he has only left two reviews, what’s the problem?!

99/100 times getting no review means nothing, fiverr reminds the buyer MULTIPLE times to consider leaving a review, so they either don’t want to leave a review, don’t want to ruin your profile by leaving you a bad review so they opt for no review, or they just haven’t been around to do so.

I have worked with some awful buyers in the past, and thankfully I have yet to get bad feedback, but the majority of them just leave with no review, which in my opinion is MILES BETTER than a bad review.

On top of that it’s against ToS to ask a buyer to review you, so why is it that in these threads complaining about getting no review, everyone is saying “Bro, dude just be keep messaging him, say ‘pls bro I need the review, pls pls pls I need’ it works for me everytime dude, ma’am, bro, sir, just keep asking!(Grammar made fun of).

If you get paid, and you get no review, who cares? At the end of the day, you’re trying to make money right?

So please stop begging for reviews, that’s one of the worst things you can do: Annoy a buyer.

As a catch all, please stop calling people on the forums: Sir, ma’am, bro, or dude, I’ve been called a "Ma’am before, and honestly it’s kind of annoying, I don’t think I even look like a woman - and, it’s just not professional, we’re not your friends, we’re colleagues


Hah, good point @joshvoices4you! :smiley: Do you have any tips on how to increase the number of buyer reviews?

Provide good work, but never ask for reviews.

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