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You order a Basic, but you don't want Basic?


Sometimes I get some fishy buyers, obviously they order the most basic $5 package titled, duh - “BASIC”, and because I have my doubts I show them a partial sample of my work to avoid a conflict. Then they go like “This is not what I need, it’s basic, please refund”

Of course it’s basic, it’s what you purchased - a Basic package! :unamused: what, you expected premium for $5?

When I try to upsell and provide a higher/advanced package, they don’t want any of that because it’s not $5.

OMG, somebody make the buyers read what they purchase and click on!

At least I prevented a conflict, I saved my sanity by not dealing with a buyer who would have most likely abused the request modification system, or worse, made me work and spend time for free by later demanding a refund and threatening like it happened so many times before, eventually leading to a chargeback if all fails :disappointed_relieved:

What I don’t like is that these kind of buyers (along with worse ones) keep my order completion rate < 90% :sweat:


its more like, I want to buy a brand new fresh of Sport Car with $5. I wish I could :sunglasses: could I ?


Kind of. Well, actually I don’t think so :smiley: I don’t know, it’s so confuzzling!

It’s like seeing a cheap car signed model/brand “basic”, you buy it, then you complain it’s basic. :smiley:


yes, it’s so confuzzled :sleeping:


I would report it to CS. Man, if I were a seller, I would go nuts if I had to deal with such buyers. Be careful with fishy buyers!


I feel you on this… all I can say is it’s been a long week and I don’t even have the package option :no_mouth:

I don’t know what was up this week but I’ve had several difficult buyers all at once. Typically I get difficult situations maybe once a month but this week has been stacked! A small but hilarious example…I do voiceovers and someone rejected my work because they wrote ‘better’ in the script as ‘bEtter’ (i thought it was a simple typo) and they said I was saying it wrong. “you didn’t emphasize it right, I put the capital E in there for a reason!!”



my suggestion :

  1. try message “message before order” its better for your gig
  2. try get 4-8 hours / day for “spend time” in fiverr until 1-2 month
  3. try deep “breathing” and keep calm … you will get back and boost your business after 2 - 3 months with fiverr…

hope you get and boost your busines…



I tried that years ago, and it was a nightmare - I was spending more time in inbox talking to people than actually working on orders…

You do realize I’ve been for over 7 years on Fiverr, right? :smirk:


wow … you top seller i saw :smile:
i am back from 2 month ago … leave 3 years ago because features not good for seller. 3 years ago.
nice to meet you woofy


sure… i think busy for chat lol …


I’d have to make a weekly subscription to CS if I were to report all these fishy buyers. I’d waste too much time of my life talking to CS instead of working :smiley: And I reckon CS won’t like to see me that often :smiley:

Well, I did go nuts, more than once, then I recover, then some other extortionist buyer appears and I go nuts again :smiley: But yeah, I’ve learned my lesson and I’m extra careful with fishy buyers (at least they leave plenty of signs and signals to let me know about their fishiness :smiley: )


i am try find and learn features fiverr now woofy … no longer working in here… i think you great business in here because "top seller now " :slight_smile:


@Woofy31 Yes, we always can learn from experience. The more we learn, the better we get at things. :slight_smile:


That´s great! Trust your gut! :slight_smile:


The same happened to me and now my completion rate is low ( my gig is out of search). I did few advanced editing on a basic package to prevent cancellation but now I am over and out. The seller must have choice/option to accept an order, Just to make sure that buyer read the description and requirements are within limits. Do you we have any solution for this? :sweat:


It’s the same as asking a buyer for an image in .png format with background transparency. So the buyer renames the image background transparency.png.jpg


To be honest that happened to me a couple of times. :slight_smile:


You get the ones determined to only pay $5 no matter what. They are problematical sometimes.


many people buyer not know design , programming , and its mean seller will extra and extra work… so my suggestion if you :

  1. not calm down in fiverr for “seller” …
  2. not have many times
  3. not have thinking "help anyone"
    try “pause your gig soon” , its better for your …