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You really have to ban this guy

There is a buyer (not sure from a single account or using multiple accounts ) posting buyer requests in Video Editing category as,

i need a video editor who can able to edit my video professionally the video is song video short i want video like this first check out this video then send me budget i am able to pay $20 per video

He/She posting like 5 requests per day and it’s really annoying. I’m 100% sure that this buyer doesn’t need any service but looking to get some free views for the video.


Hi there, yep you’re probably right. You have weird folks am afraid. Take it like a grain of salt and pretend this person doesn’t exist. Don’t let this person get the best of you.

Have you tried to report this person??

Best of luck!!

Warmly, Humberto


Hello, you can notify customer support if you want to. They may or may not ban him.

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Great observation. BRs should be moderated better and there should be policy in place to prevent people from appropriating it for other means.

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You have to contact Fiverr Support and need to report about his/her request.

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I have to say this person is very clever to have come up with such an idea for getting views :woman_facepalming:. Wish S/he would use that creativity of his/hers for a better cause.


All we can do is just ignore them. Posting 5 BRs a day is probably not against the ToS; therefore, it’s not really like we can report them. There’s little we can do other than just ignore them. :wink:

What many sellers (especially new sellers) don’t seem to understand is that ONLY impressions/clicks/views earned by prospective buyers checking their gigs out are of value to them.

Gigs earned by curious visitors, other sellers, and “friends” visiting your profile are of little to no help as they almost never convert into successful orders (there is also no proof that earning impressions/clicks/views help improve your gig’s rank in Fiverr’s search).

I agree. :slight_smile:

Be very careful with ANY buyers requests.
There is a reason they are using buyer requests rather than taking the time to seek out the professionals they require in the search engine. Virtually any request I’ve ever seen can be found directly from sellers.

What I understood from the OP was that this person was trying to get views for their Youtube video. It wasn’t even a real buyer. The whole request was just to scam people into clicking and viewing the video. I’m just amazed by the mental gymnastics they had to do to come up with such a plan.

True. I, on the other hand, was referring to those sellers who resort to creating BRs in hopes of boosting their impressions/clicks/views as they believe that will somehow help improve their gig’s position in Fiverr’s search. They are as annoying as (if not more annoying than) the BR mentioned by the OP.

This is what I was talking about :arrow_down:

IKR! :roll_eyes:

What can I say. :man_shrugging:


I see. Being relatively new to the sites, I don’t quite know the ‘sneak ways’ people might be using around here. Weird stuff.

@hanshuber16 It’s okay. I just found the moderators indecisiveness funny :sweat_smile:

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Off topic: Btw, y’all have fun moving my thread around :rofl: It’s been moved to different sections in mere minutes, twice.

I’m inclined to believe that Fiverr doesn’t actually check those requests.

There was one that I saw where someone literally posted their resume. They were looking to get people to hire them, not vice versa. :roll_eyes:


I think so, too. Their approach to a lot of things is reactive, not proactive, if they react at all.

And then they wonder why this platform has a bad rap.

Then two (three?) days after reading this, I fell for it. :woman_facepalming:

This guy requested that someone edit the title of his YouTube video. I thought he meant the actual title, so I asked how I’d access the account. (Temporary password or remote assistance.)

He then puts me over to another website with a list of free editing software. I thought I understood then. Ah! An introductory title for the video proper! Gotcha.

No, he says the title above the video. I got suspicious, but asked if he meant the metadata. (The title you see in the internet browser tab.) I sent him examples of what I meant and he claimed that it was too small to see, but asked me to do his impossible job anyway.

I refused to accept the job since I wasn’t understanding his requirements and his begging was getting ridiculous (once a seller says no, isn’t it proper to just move on?), then I reported his YouTube video. Won’t be my fault if his video gets flagged or removed. My time is more valuable than his precious clicks.

In fact, I bet they would stop wasting our time real quick if their videos were at risk of being removed. :slightly_smiling_face:

He wanted you to sign into his Youtube account? You’d have access to a whole lot of things. Yikes. Good for you for saying no.

Mam, I will be suggested that, you can knock to buyer door - your video (provide) is not visible. Plz, sent on new one. For example: Video should be clear, visible, and as your working condition I think to ban is not a solution. Thank you.:blush::blush:

She’s saying he’s spamming. Spamming is wrong. The clarity and visibility of the video is irrelevant. There is a URL linking to the person’s link. That doesn’t become okay just because there isn’t a preview of the video in the request. A link is spam. Period.


Mam, humanissocial
Sorry!! I do not read the content on here. Further, I will be concerned.:blush::blush:

Not necessarily? Every time I asked him what he wanted me to do, he would change his story. First, he wanted the title of the video changed, then he wanted the “title” of the video changed (thought he meant like a short, basic introduction video because he said that it didn’t need to be super shiny or professional, just clean), then he made it sound like an overlay graphic, then I wondered if he meant the preview image like what you get on the side of YouTube videos, then he said he wanted the “main title” of the video changed. (He stated it’s the title “above the video” which gave me the idea that he meant the metadata in the tab because YouTube doesn’t have titles on top anymore.)

I eventually told him to send me an example, which he didn’t do, but he was just as quick to start begging (literally saying “please, please, please”) to hire me.

I wasn’t about to accept a job where I don’t know what the person even wants. $5 isn’t worth that kind of headache. :woman_shrugging:

[Edited to add:] I take for granted that this was most likely a Fiverr troll, but I really tried to give him the benefit of the doubt because I know English is not everyone’s first language.