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You received a Custom Offer New!

Hi Friends,

i am facing some strange issue at fiverr todo page…

its having a notification at the todo page but i am unable to click on “Review Now” button, whien i click it doesn’t work.

is that a bug ?

I have the same thing righ tnow.

I can confirm this bug. I have also received this.

I can confirm it, too.

At the same time did any of you receive an Inbox message offering in part:

“Here experts give tips to beginner and help them in nurturing their talent. If someone wants to sell his/her product he or she can without help of any middleman.”

I deleted the spam message and now I can’t remove the ToDo
I’m afraid Fiverr got hacked by this spammer.

I’ve got the same thing in my to do list. Hopefully it’ll get sorted soon.

Yep , this is why I came and found this topic. I have a custom offer that I cannot see… It doesnt do anything when I click on it. It’s sad because I answered several buyer requests yesterday… I’m sure its someone looking to purchase from me. =/

This looks to be happening all here on the 2nd of Feb… Hopefully its gonna get sorted out quickly.