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You received a custom offer

i have this message in my dashboard when i focus on it it will show a preview now button when i click it do nothing, what does it mean and

Yes, I have this too. It won’t go away, i’ve tried clicking on it but nothing happens. I even sent the one buyer that asked for it a custom offer.

I hope that it goes away soon, it’s kind of in the way.

  • Mike

Even I have this its sometimes of bug I have reported this to Support team hope they will fix this soon

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have the same message, having things on my dahsboard makes me cringe haha, hope it goes away soon.

I have one today but it links back to the main homepage. You can send Customer Support a message and they’ll refresh it to get rid of it (be sure to mention that you have checked your gigs, as a refresh can sometimes kick stuff off the to-do list.)

Maybe it’s just another glitch that will be solved just in time for the next one? :smiley:

Just had it today. Thanks for giving the solution @dimana_art & @emmaki.

Same too.Hope Fiverr solve it as soon as possible and the we will be clear.

Same too…

Glad to know it wasn’t just me.

I was confused after clicking on it several times of its importance

Yes, encountered this too. I sent a report to Customer Support.

Me too faced the same situation.