You selected as a Moderator - SPAM ! Don not engage


Sometimes you might get a message from someone named “Agent_Dan” or someone telling that you’ve been selected as a member of Fiverr Moderator team.

There will be a link in that message for a Fiverr like website asking your Username Password and answer to your security questions.

DO NOT ENGAGE. DO not SUBMIT your details.


Thank you for sharing this. Hopefully no one accepts this fake offer.


I put a link to an external site here. Now I could lose my forum privileges. What a bad idea.


People need to think a bit more when they get this:

  1. Why would Fiverr need your password to make you a moderator?
  2. admins to most websites will have access to your accounts on their websites technically speaking. Hence why they are admins.


Another thing to think of is: why would anyone, let alone Fiverr staff, use a shortened link, unless it’s for something suspicious? There’s more than enough room in Fiverr messages for full URLs.


Thanks for the warning!


yeah :smiley:
Fiverr blocked that account


and they are asking the answer to my security question without showing the security question


yeah true that the web address.


Thank you for warning people and thanks to those who added useful commentary.