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You Should Add Fiverr to your CV slight_smile wink

Hello guys! :slight_smile:

I just wanted to share my experience in order to help others who are confused about whether Fiverr experience should be added to your CV or not. I recently got hired into a multinational company in the field of digital marketing precisely thanks to my work on Fiverr. The hiring managers were blown away by the fact that I managed to gain experience by working online with people from all over the world. Even more, dealing with difficult situations is one of the strongest point that Fiverr can add to your resume.

If you are from a small country like me and do not have enough experience after college to get hired on a good position, try using Fiverr as a tool to lift up your CV, make it unique from all others and get that job! <3 It does not work in any domain (obviously).

Here’s how I presented Fiverr:
(This is just my example based on what I did)

  • Receive and process orders from online customers;
  • Correspond with online customers via electronic messaging, informing them about the process of their order, addressing questions or confirming the completion of the delivery;
  • Establish and maintain working relationships with customers;
  • Negotiate, understand customer’s needs and persuade him/her to purchase the service;
  • Determine and set service prices, delivery time frames, and requirements;
  • Create descriptions, images or explanatory videos of each online service offered;
  • Process information and make decisions regarding any issue in order to find the adequate solution and solve the problem;
  • Resolve conflicts by handling complaints or disputes;
  • Coach and help other sellers to optimize and promote their services;
  • Assist buyers with finding the appropriate sellers according to their needs;
  • Maintain a working relationship with other sellers by communicating, sharing experiences and mutual help.


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this is amazing! could i still put down my eperience with Fiver even through i have only ever had one customer?

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