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You should offer vouchers!

FIVERR should add vouchers which people can buy for others. For example I have a friend which is a instagram blogger. I could gift her a FIVERR voucher for the service to enhance their pictures on photoshop for example. It should also be possible to make voucher speciric for 1 seller or one topic of service. So maybe i like 1 seller so much that i want to spread his work. So i gift voucher which can only be used at this seller. So when people buy the voucher the money goes directly to FIVERR and when somebody buys, the mones should go to the seller and you make even a bigger cut of it than before.


I think a Fiverr gift card would be a really cool idea! I’d definitely gift it to someone (or even myself).

To justify spamming your services to her, evidently.

Fiverr isn’t going to do something that enables sellers to spam even more than they already do.

And Fiverr services is personally fulfilled, so why reduce your wages just to get a sale? Fiverr isn’t going to do that on your behalf, either.

If you aren’t making sales, creating vouchers isn’t going to change that.