You should've ordered the express part of my gig if you wanted it perfect!


I felt like smashing something yesterday.

This lady ordered a colouring gig from me, without messaging me before asking for my availability (not necessary, but it would’ve been courteous), and then said she needed it by tomorrow. When I told her that she should’ve ordered the express part of my gig for that, seeing as my deadline of 7 days is there for a reason, she told me she was new and just asked me to do it.

Okay, I said, I’ll be nice and do it. I did a decent job, considering that I had to set aside other more pressing duties to do it for her.

After delivery, she started critiquing the coloring with a very condescending tone - you should’ve added sparkles, you should’ve added more shading, you should’ve added more background detail.

EXCUSE YOU LADY, YOU WANTED IT BY THE NEXT DAY. YOU DID NOT PAY THE EXPRESS GIG. That was the best I could do with limited time and no incentive. I have 25 images to finish this week, I am not going to prioritize you over my fair paying customers when you didn’t have the decency to do this the correct way.

You should’ve APPRECIATED the fact that I did this for you so fast without the express gig.

And honestly, I never mind changing stuff, but in that entitled tone? ■■■■ YOU.

If other people can stay in queue because they didn’t pay the express gig, so can you.


I get that type of people all the time, I’m sorry you had to deal with such cr*p.

I hope at least she left a positive comment after all the hard work.

Hopefully your next buyer would be a much better person, and I hope you get a tip too!!!

Have a nice day! :smiley:


Yeah that is not nice.Hopefully in the future you wont meet people like that again.


It happens. We all go through it from time to time. :frowning:


Sorry you had such experience. I have this once in a while. The buyer was pressing me a lot to do tasks one after another as per her choice and never said a word about payment and when the time for payment came, she said, hey it’s only 5 dollar. When she got the work done for about 1 day with lots of modifications and stuff.

Sometimes going extra miles to please the customers, has it’s downsides. :frowning:


Yes, I get this also. So much so, that I have a copy and paste text so when someone ask that I do their gig by such and such day I have a response ready. I tell the customer “how would you feel if you were waiting for xxx days and was next in line and someone comes along buys a gig and wants to move ahead of you. Wouldn’t like it, right? Neither will the clients who have been patiently waiting their turn if I did your gig ahead of theirs. So to be fair to all my clients, I do the gig in the order I get them.”


Mostly, I will state again what’s in my gig description, if it’s already stated extra fast needs extra fee, I will tell the customer how much they need to add to the order for me to do it quicker than normal.

Exceptions will be occasionally offered to my regular old customers, if they’ve been nice to me, I would like to help them out too.


I’m pretty new here, but I have already changed one of my gigs to two gigs because of a buyer who wanted 3 times what the gig was intended for. You have to be SO SPECIFIC in the description, so that nobody misunderstands or gets mad.


Reply to @ryuken: I honestly dislike entitled customers…I’ve had pleasant, awesome people order so far, so I guess what happened now pissed me off a bit more than it should’ve. Got used to the niceness.

It’s awful that happened to you, I think I would’ve told her a thing or two. Patience of a saint, you had!


Reply to @dsaldridge: You know, it’s their problem if they get mad at you, not yours. It’s their fault they fail to read properly, or that they hurry and don’t want to.


Reply to @steveeyes: I would’ve done that, but unfortunately she had already ordered, and I feared a bad rating :frowning: Good idea with that speech, though!


Reply to @zeus777: poor you! how come you always get them? :frowning:


There are obviously some crappy people out there, but I think in more cases than not, it’s just a misunderstanding. This buyer may have never been a seller before. So it’s hard for them to see it from the seller’s perspective.

This is one of the trickiest dynamics of virtual collaboration. Not understanding/seeing the work being done on either end to know the concerns/frustrations from both sides.

Communication is tough, too. There are a TON of people who go into buying a gig without the ability to articulate their vision beforehand. They don’t know EXACTLY what they want, but they definitely know what they don’t want. Very few people think to explain that. And really, unless you’re in the business of regularly outsourcing work, how would you know to?