You tell me what's the difference


Make a quality tier list. Which Do you think is the best?

This is Top Tier work:

This is Decent Tier work:

This is Low Quality Tier work:


This is Bottom Lazy Tier work:

Is it just me or is there a clear quality difference in the work here?

How much does it cost to get this level of quality? Are sellers refusing to be honest about quality?
How much does it cost to get this level of quality? Are sellers refusing to be honest about quality?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

It’s impossible to rate your images in any sort of order without knowing the criteria used when you requested the work.


I think the difference is clear. Is the difference not clear between all tiers?
The top 2 are clearly the best. They have a great thematic art.
The gold one is okay, but it’s not exciting and doesn’t carry as much of a story to it as the more detailed ones do.

The work in Low Quality tier is too noisy or there is little connection or artistic transition between the symbol’s texture and design and the rest of the background. They have good concepts but are not well executed


So why ask for an opinion if you’ve already decided?

As I said, without knowing what you’d asked for, only you could rate them - the rest of us don’t know what you’d asked for.


Because I need the perspective of other designers to help me put into words what I’m looking for.

I don’t know how to describe why the top two are so much better than the others, but the clearly are.


I’ll just delete this post as you’ve edited yours, and now mine makes no sense! :grinning:


Fine fine. My opinion.
Now what do I need to tell artists so that they can make them better in my eyes?
3D? high resolution? Special effects? Give it more “life”? Make the theme seamless?
These are all things I’ve said.


yeah. sorry. i accidentally edited it instead of creating a new post


I can only go with the first image in ‘decent’ category if I don’t have other choice. Sorry but it’s my opinion.


As a David Lynch fan I think I’m immediately disqualified for accepting lunacy and seeing awesomeness.


Three from the bottom tier look almost ok, as good as the top two designs but to be honest none of them look fantastic. They are all very mediocre designs.

The main thing about the top two that I guess you like is the texture on the central design and the way it is more pronounced, but that’s hardly enough to justify saying they are top tier designs.


Would you say that the top two designs look more active than other designs?


Not at all. They are all not good designs to be honest.

There is some shadowing around the central design in the top one which helps set it off but still I don’t like it. It’s not attractive and it’s amateurish.

I’m sure a good designer could look at those and come up with something a lot better while keeping the same central design.

The bottom tier ones are actually a lot more interesting.


From a non-designer’s view, can’t tell it’s good or not good, just like or not like.
From top to bottom and left to right, I like the top 1 and the left bottom one.
To me, the top 1 is clear and seems stay calm/cool in the universe;
I also like the background of left bottom, but the colour contrast made it not outstanding enough.
Others are either too noisy, copied your wording, or boring. Even the 2nd top is as noisy as the others.
However, it all depends on whether the requirements are stated clearly when the buyers order.


The bottom left one is the best and the one above it is fairly good too as compared with the rest.


Basically the design, the main graphic element is the same. It depends on what Mock-up you use for your design. You can place it on the Sky, moon, sand, stone or whatever you prefer.
As an experienced graphic designers we can Mock-up it even more beautiful. (You have to pay :grinning: Lol)

*It also depends on choice.


If I have to choose, the first two definitely seem the best out of the whole set. The bottom lady tier works do seem pretty lazy but they look consistent as a whole, which makes me think you must have requested 3d-ish symbol with abstract background. I hope your instructions were clearer than that. And if you had included the first 2 as examples for the quality you are looking for but still received the others in return, I guess they weren’t being honest up front about whether they can do it.


I’d have to agree that the texture concepts are more interesting, but execution was weak.

LIke I like the rushing water and fluffy clouds back to back, but it’s just too noisy. The symbol is not distinct enough.


They dimmed the symbol too much but could make it stronger.