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You truly are left with few options with difficult buyers


I’ll get these every now and then.

If a client wants a revision and you charge 10.00 for revisions and they refuse to pay for the revision what do you do?

They still can request a “revision” if you offered it to them or not. I’ll have a difficult buyer request a revision. I mention to him I charge 10.00 for revisions and send him a gig extra of 10.00.

If they play a stand off game with you and don’t respond what do you do?

If they refuse to pay for the revision what do you do?

Here’s what I do if they don’t respond. If the revision isn’t too much of a headache to re-do I’ll just redo it and deliver the order and be done with the buyer. Next time I won’t work with him. If they refuse to pay for the revision and they are not showing any signs of being angry about it I’ll give them a free revision.

If the buyer gets angry and wants to cancel I cancel I do not fight them in the court of Customer Service. If I can help to not deal with them I don’t. In my opinion, CS has a tendency to go on a TOS violation fishing expedition and I will not deal with them. In my opinion, 9 times out of 10 you will lose with them so just agree to cancel. In my opinion, they have sided way too many times with abusive buyers and buyers who will try to find anything to complain to you about. If my cancellation rate goes down? so be it.

I believe the price of charging for revisions means you may have to do free revisions in the end.

I would like to see it where If the gig is set up to offer zero revisions, the buyer can’t ask for a revision and only question actual mistakes that should be fixed and not revisions that are subjective.


Yes, or where they can’t continue to ask for multiple revisions past the 1, 2, 3, etc. your gig offers. This would be helpful, I believe, if possible. There are some testy, testy folks out there, unfortunately, and it would offer the seller one small bit of protection against the truly abusive ones.


I don’t understand what you’re asking


I don’t allow them to ask for additional revisions I never put myself in that position if it becomes unreasonable I’m canceling


And if you cancel past certain amount, you’ll find yourself in quite a lot of trouble, so be careful when playing this game.


Sure my last resort is to cancel. But if you have a difficult buyer in my opinion you have no choice but to. With that said, these cases are few, and the longer you are on Fiverr, (me being close to 2 years at level 2 now with 700 orders) these cases are fewer and fewer especially when you’ve raised rates on your most successful gigs. My completion rate at this very moment now is at 96%.


I was just suggesting you to be wise when playing the cancellation game, nothing else.

Here, have a look to the comment I wrote about regaining OCR level. It’s not fun losing it and then having to regain it when you have big amount of orders :arrow_down:


…duly noted :slight_smile:


I am sorry if you had this experience. For me, this wasn’t the case. CS always kept my side when I did nothing wrong and I delivered as promised. If you don’t offer revisions with your paid package, you shouldn’t be offering them for free.

I know buyers hit that button, but if they do and a revision is not possible due to the fact that it’s not included in the package they paid, I redeliver the file with the added notes. I see you offer only 1 revision on your package, and that’s everything you should offer.

When you redeliver after 1 revision simply state “You paid only for 1 revision and you got it. Extra revision cost __”

Simply refuse to offer them something free. Refusing and blocking also works great. :slight_smile:

I don’t agree with cancellations. If they don’t like it, they can rate it. That’s your time and work there, it’s not simple to do what you do.


You deliver that button and it’s not a revision but notes and clarification that’s considered against The Terms of Service for offering a False Revision. Taking a hard stand on “Simply Refusing” just causes more headaches. Negotiation is a part of business. The more difficult buyers that you cancel the better off you are unless you enjoy taking lots of abuse. I’m not going to waste my time going round and round with a difficult buyer if I refuse to cancel an order that he wants canceled or deal with multiple headaches and hoops to jump through. I got better things to do like…ummm finish the next order :slight_smile:


Yes, you are right, I do the same thing for anger buyer, revision is not fact some of them want new concept its the main headache to do, @willstauff


It depends on your mental state, I guess. Some people love “cracking” difficult buyers, it’s a fun challenge for them. Some will fight till the end to avoid letting a person have their work for free, whatever it takes.

I spent 12 years in advertising dealing with the most unreasonable and entitled people you can imagine while having no control over who I’m assigned to work with. So the best gift I can give myself now is pressing that cancelation button every once in a while.

I think there should be a penalty of some kind for buyers who intentionally and repeatedly violate your gig terms (it’s just a fantasy I like to entertain, I understand that this will never happen).

Pressing the revision button 100 times when your gig terms explicitly say you offer 2 rounds of revisions in total would be an example of such violation. But then again, how do you convince a person they are out of revisions if that green button is always available and active for them no matter what?


I never heard of such a thing like a false revision. If you don’t offer revisions in your package, the buyer can’t force you to do it. :slight_smile:

The revision button can also be used in case something is wrong with the order. Maybe you did an honest mistake, or the file was corrupted upon delivery.


You are not following what I am saying.


I LOVE going around and around with them if they want to cancel. I enjoy fighting I guess. They hope you simply give up and they get something free. I wish more sellers thought like this. I don’t have this happen often, maybe twice a year or less.