You trust the Fiverr PRO sellers?


If yes, why? if no, why?
By the time they got to be PRO, they sold their services for $5


Nope, I don’t trust them. :slight_smile:

Obviously kidding, as I thought you were kidding at first.

Who told you they were selling $5 before they went pro?

What gave you any indication that the Pro sellers haven’t paid their dues or proven themselves?


I’ve checked out a few. Their work looks really good.

I still find it weird seeing $3000 gigs on Fiverr though. :grin:


Is just a question, to see what people think about this type of service, here on Fiverr.


This is a question, which is fine and I get it.

That is a statement, which makes your question loaded, or kind of leans toward something, and my reply was more about that.


And yes, many have sold $5


we all started selling $5.

in fact when I started selling, that’s all I could sell for, no extras no nothing.


Now, honestly, would you give $ 3000 an a logo from Fiverr? or you choose a creative company?


And there it is…

The agenda.

Ok let’s go for it.

In all honesty, I would go for a freelancer for $3k over an agency because I know for a fact that the agency has overhead, larger bills to pay and more people to feed, so by that metric, I think if both a freelancer and an agency have the same price, in my eyes the end product from the freelancer is worth more. Has a higher value I mean.

But I see many Pro sellers -mostly professionals that were poached from dribble, behance, and such- setting up a really bare bones profile without giving that much effort or paying attention to the whole experience from a buyer’s perspective.

Now those sellers I’d probably not even consider.

How much is your work worth @daniel_holban ?


This seems to be a continuation of yesterday’s thread: :wink:


yeap. I forgot about that.