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You Tube Subscribers

How do I gain subscribers for my sons you tube channel? Thank you.

by your son realizing he is not hot shit and should do good quality content.

Also realizing that buying likes and/or subscribers is against Youtube TOS.

Is your son capable of wiping his own ass? why is his mommy asking for youtube subscribers?

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Going by the (removed) link on the other thread, the son in question is very young - 2-4 yrs old so he is not aware of how to buy subscribers. Either that or he actually knows that buying subscribers is a surefire way of getting his Youtube account banned and he doesn’t know his mom is risking his account behind his back.

PS: I believe all 2-4 year olds should believe they are hot shit whether or not they are capable of wiping themselves.
PPS: Please do not post duplicate threads.

don’t most sites like youtube, twitter and so forth are 13+?

I’m sure it is being monitored/admined by an adult.
Alternatively, the savvy kid managed to get a fake ID for himself.

since I am going to guess you removed the link from the other thread thus only able to take your word on the age of the child…


They won’t be watching this kid’s videos–there’s a huge undergroud-ish network of videos for them. Very specific titles and content–mainly children and tweens in innocent holiday videos mixed up with stuff that makes you wonder if YT is even really bothering with its own community guidelines.

It’ll be fun when the WSJ uncovers that!

I have a dog Youtube channel. But never think of getting subscribers whatsoever (edited: I´m not saying I dislike or don´t want subscribers, but getting subscribers is not my goal), so I never promote my channel. I don´t monetize it. I just like sharing about my dogs, just like what I do here, LOL. If some strangers like my video and subscribe, good. If not, I don´t mind.

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I have a youtube channel . trust me, Its not easy to getting subscriber easily . :jack_o_lantern:

When You cook , you have to cook it properly otherwise it will not tasty . so when You make some videos , you must be careful about intro, outro , Video Editing :movie_camera:

And You have to be patient , Sometimes, I am getting bored that I stopped making videos. But I love to make …

I know how to make intro, outro etc

You have to be engaged…and you can do it