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You tube views

I need you tube real views somebody work in this?

wrong place yo, search on use the search tool .

I can do that no problem as many as you need my Skype name is fragglesrock

you can add me

Reply to @alex06810: isnt against tos to give out personal information ? such as skype ?

getting real views is posting your videos on social media, having a good audience and posting on a squedual

Reply to @biancha: i did not know that ive been trying to post a gig on fiver for this all day but it keeps giving me a error

Reply to @superfunart: i have said this countless times, the best way to get views and likes is to actually do something that his high quality and fresh.

Why cheat the system and lie to yourself to get views?

Reply to @alex06810: This is no excuse to violate TOS, if you are having issues you should have contacted customer support about it.

But to want to go outside fiverr and go to skype , this will cut the revenue fiverr makes from the gigs you sell. Im sure theyre already aware of this topic and post.

Reply to @biancha: ya i dont care

Reply to @alex06810: vete y come un poco de sushi a ver si sientes como te caelacacaenlaboca. :slight_smile:


Go eat a cookie.

Reply to @alex06810: Of course you don’t care! YOU won’t lose your YouTube account, the people you sell your “real” likes to will. But once they file a complaint to Fiverr, you will probably find your Fiverr gig banned, since once the editors are made aware that someone is selling a service or product that breaks third party terms of use, they usually take action without warning. In fact, by giving out contact information, your account may end up deleted . So, I guess it all works out in the end~

Reply to @biancha: I went ahead and reported him.

What kind of cookies are we having today? :wink:

Reply to @celticmoon: yup, agree . its just a matter of time , he will feel the wrath of the sushi masters hahahahah.

Reply to @celticmoon: well since we both did report, we both get a super chocolate cookie with kfc gravy to dip the cookies in! Mmmmm <3