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You want to build a sporting website?

you want to build a sporting website ? then you have to checkout the following gig:

Are you planning to marketing your gig in the Fiverr Forum?

But here’s a 90% seller, You can find the buyer on Twitter. It can be profitable for you.

Thanks for reading.
Sohag alamin.

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What do you mean?

Because a lot of people who recommend that are just Tweeting their gigs over and over again and also spamming Twitter users.

I love Twitter, but it’s only professional and effective if you use it properly.

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It’s great to target a niche, but doing this won’t help you unless you specify WHY you are suitable for that particular niche and what unique problems of that niche you solve. You haven’t done that in your gig or in this forum post.

Thanks Sohag for your advice

I also do the marketing on social media as well.
and why I’m posting here in the forum ? because simply there might be someone needs my service it doesn’t matter he is a seller or a buyer so I think marketing here as well is beneficial

Thanks again for your advice

100% agree about it, we have to user it properly and make the service genuine not just spamming

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Thanks for your advice I appreciate it