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You want to get your first order?

It’s very simple:

-Stop to listen to bad advices like: stay online 24/7 and send requests in buyer request
-Learn first how to use fiverr and how commercial strategies work in stoping to think that you’re gonna make as the youtuber you just watched and who wrote “make easy money on fiverr” in his video title with a clickbait thumbnail.
-Think about: what would people need and why would they buy your services
-Get a good video/picture for your gig in STOPING to do the same copy/paste as everyone does and stop editing your gig picture in powerpoint. (you could ask a graphist to do something epic)
-Get a decent profile picture
-Understand what key words/tags to use to appear in first pages (watch youtube tutorials)
-You have to be UNIQUE and be different than other sellers in your niche.

Now, you have no reasons to post a topic called “how to get my first order” then there are already millions tutorials on youtube about it and google is your friend anyway…
Sorry, just a rant, I am bored and drunk anyway, was a long day of work.


Really awesome Writing,


I took the other way around. I make YT tutorials :smiley:


That’s great .Thanks for sharing .


Good idea, then they should pin it in this forum, then people would click on it instead of coming on fiverr without reading any courses/doing any research :rofl:


Really good advice, I’ll take a note)) Thanks


Geez… don’t do that.

If everyone becomes as competitive as I am, it will take more time for me to go to the top in my category.

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8 months ago I was a complet random and I got ton of people who sent me messages about my only gig that is working well and that has 20k impression and 700 clicks in 2 months then there are already a lot of sellers in my niche and my gig always appears in first page.
If you make good quality work and know how to attract people, you’re fine, if it was that easy then everyone would be top seller, and it’s not the case.


I’m quite lucky in that sense. I’m just waiting for the 15th, to go to Level One.


I have all conditions complete to be lvl 1, statut refresh every 15th per months, so the february 15 I’ll get the badge and then I won’t be that far from lvl2, just need 2/3 months


We are probably on the same pace! @psykkopatte the irony is 15th Feb + 60 days as level One = 16th April. :joy:

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Nice explains. Without fiver research and without perfect gig a seller will not succeed in fiver.

Ayaaaaaah, unlucky :rofl:

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It’s what most of people still don’t understand, when I click on their profile they all have the same copy/paste gig picture made in powerpoint with a 2005 graphic style.

Thanks for good advice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for your best advice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

it’s very helpful and informative for us. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

i agree with you. good post

But here’s the thing - isn’t it easier to only read what you want to? (Advice wise)
Fiverr is ‘easy money’ after all. Unfortunately many people seem to think that there’s ‘tips’ and ‘tricks’ to get started but… what might work for one person out of sheer luck might just ruin some else’s chances.
I get several spams every day (either when I post in BR since I’m building my own webpage / planning out my novel so I need art and stuff) or when my gigs are on the first page. People apparently seem to think that ‘bigger’ sellers love to share their work (or they are encouraged to look for that one fool…)
I understand that many people don’t speak English well on the platform, so they also don’t really ‘understand’ what they are supposed to do but isn’t it common sense to at least try?
(my favourite is the stay online 24/7 advice. Just how are they supposed to do that (without bots / etc.)?


Of course there are tips and tricks:
Get good profile pic, good description, good gig presentation, catchy eyes thumbnail/video preview, make sure you make good work, learn to SEO gigs, those are the same for everyone.
About english, fiverr is an international website, so it’s normal that people who don’t understand english pretty well can’t get started.