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The level of English here on Fiverr is quite low. Understand that you will never look professional in the eyes of your customers if your English is not flawless. I have seen several gigs about writing that have the word “QUALITY” in their title and yet there is not a single sentence in the description that is correct. And then people wonder why they are not getting any sales. They put the 220% increase in sales if you shoot a video, but they should also put a 500% increase if you have flawless English. I guarantee you that! Especially if you are in the writing niche.

Regards my fellow merchants!


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Reply to @itsyourthing: I’m guessing they outsource? Maybe.

On an unrelated note: Anybody selling writing gigs who uses the word “contents” should have their Fiverr commission raised to 99.9%.


Reply to @kjblynx: Bravo! for using “adore”!


There are also plenty of sellers promising high quality English who have terrible profiles and gig descriptions and yet get loads of orders.

I think that’s partly because many of the buyers aren’t fluent in English themselves, so they don’t know how bad it is. Then there are also many buyers who don’t really care about the quality, as long as their keywords are included and they got the work cheaply. :slight_smile:


i am improving my English very fast! Fiverr forum helping me a lot.


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sara1984 said: I'm guessing they outsource? Maybe.
Could be that too.

Rogue pluralization doesn't bug me much. It just makes me think of that old TV show Green Acres. Lisa stuck an "s" on everything. :)