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You will get $5 totally free

Hello there,

Yesterday I saw this window. See attachments. My question is, is it for all region , all over the world. That if any buyer from any country buy $20 And get $5. I wanted to make sure .

Please let me know if you have any idea about this.



I got the bonus after some purchases but i could not use it. I tried to buy gig with the bonus but fiverr keeps telling me to pay with PayPal.

If you see this its mean available in your region.

I got the same thing, but I have not made a purchase third

The answer on how to use the free $5 bonus you get from fiverr is answered in the FAQ>Basic FAQs for Buyers>How do I use my shopping balance for future purchases?

In a nut shell, you have to ‘trick’ the system to use up the bonus. If your order is greater than the bonus sum, just select the gig equal or below the bonus sum and only add the balance gig amount in the checkout page or something like that. Hope fiverr can do better than this in future.


Helpful. Thanks

Just to add some clarity to this thread, the various free offers you may see on Fiverr aren’t all the same, so you have to consider each one on it’s own merits. Some are hyperlinked to specific gigs and the credit applies to those gigs. Other ones apply to everything. On all credits, you cannot buy a gig that costs more than the credit and pay the balance. You have to either get a custom quote to split it or buy a less expensive gig.

If you aren’t sure, take care to read everything you see when you click on a promotional offer. If you still aren’t sure, go to Customer Support and show them the exact link. What is on the forum may not apply to another offer that comes later on, so this issue is best addressed through CS.


what is be it


I am not able to verify my fiverr account for this case I can not order free gig. Please anyone tell me the solution for me.
Thank you.

I am able to order my other account to order a free gig.

You can order free gig, when you spend 20usd

How is this possible???

seriously ???

are you sure, That you will not charge anything

Really its a great service
Cheers :slight_smile:


when you spend 20usd after that you will get free gig