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You will swim or sink Depending on your customer service!


Our buyers are all about customer service .They get it everywhere they go. They get greeted when entering a store at the mall .They get happy smiles and a pleasing how I may take your order at a fast food place. Customer service is just another way of saying does your buyer feel good about doing business with you. Are you giving them all the information they need to make an educated buying decision? Are you courteous and can communicate with your buyer and give them a piece of mind when ordering your gig. Customer service does not begin after your buyer has ordered your gig. Its starts when you create your gig. It’s in the first five second after your buyer inquired about your gig. We must be better than the people at the mall. We must be better than fast food places. We are the future. To ensure our survival we need to pay each other forward by treating each buyer as gold. Thus making them cozy to purchase the next gig from the next person. I will do my part and give them elite customer service .Will you?


The first time a friend introduced Fiverr to me, I asked him for some tips.

The only one I got from him is : Response to people messages when they contact you.

A good customer service is the solution to sell more and more.


Couldn’t agree more with this post. If you offer bad customer service, your customers will not be bothering you again… ever.