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You won't believe this....But I am back


Hello guys,
You won’t believe this, but I am traveling now in Ethiopia and for the last two weeks they had high school exams and guess what, the entire country’s internet was shut down, and I asked what was going on, and I was told, they had experience last year that students hacked into systems and leaked the exams, so this year they decided to shut down the entire country’s internet for 2 weeks to avoid students cheating in the exams. I couldn’t believe it, but it affected my work with clients, after a week I managed to find a slow internet in an NGO office and found out I had many clients asking services, I didn’t know what to say, shall I tell my clients that the entire country’s internet is down because of high school exams? And who would believe that? Anyway, it cost me a lot and my response time % went down rapidly, lost few good clients. But today the exams are finished and internet is back… This will be something I won’t forget, I don’t know whether to laugh hard or just be amazed. The bottom line is I am back and hopefully, I will make up to my clients and they will understand this somehow, even me who is experiencing the whole thing, can’t still believe they go this extreme to prevent students cheating, what about server security, firewalls, making sure the integrity of those who handle the exams and millions of other options?? I still heard the exams were leaked by text messages, so is this mean next year, the telephones will also be cut off? :slight_smile:


I am pretty sure the internet shutdown would be announced in your governmental websites.

You could link those to potential clients for an explanation if you wish.

Our government here shuts down access to FB/Whatsapp/Viber etc. due to special reasons some times.


It is not my country and this was not announced to anyone. I understand blocking FB etc… and some countries do that… but shutting down the entire country’s internet for 2 weeks and because of the student taking exams??? Anyway I managed to inform my clients, lost few new ones, but it is all good, just thought to share this unusual event.

[quote=“djgodknows, post:2, topic:153666”]
Our government here shuts down access to FB/Whatsapp/Viber etc. due to special reasons some times.
[/quote] What could be the special reasons? Preventing people from communicating doesn’t lead to good things…


Interesting. I wonder if I´d try to google it or would believe you right away as your customer if you told me that lol.They had to postpone and re-issue the questions for an exam this spring here because of a ‘leakage’ but I’m pretty sure anyone who´d suggest to switch off the whole internet for such a reason would find themselves wishing to be far far away, like on Uranus, the next moment.


Please do Google, I am still in shock and can’t believe that they found shutting down the internet was the best option… I can’t believe it until now… check this…


Yeah, that is scary. Even in India, internet is shut off in areas where are disturbances or riots for a few days to a few weeks till the situation gets back to normal. I just hope Bangalore remains as peaceful as it has always been.


It always was, and still is a few bad apples making it hard for the rest of us in every single issue possible.


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Unfortunately that´s usually the case.


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