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You won't believe what I purchased with my Fiverr $$$ today!

Thanks to Fiverr, I have started to make a small to moderate income in my country. I wish to share this with you so that you may be inspired.

I purchased a new pen. My pen is fine, but there is a crack in the bottom half, so every time I take the lid off, the bottom half comes off, exposing the inky bit. Only then can I take the lid off. This gets unbearably frustrating over multiple times a day and the sellotape is just out of reach–and if I use it, it’ll unglue and I’ll have sticky fingers! The point is also a little too large–my fault, as I didn’t check it out. So I got a new one. I haven’t tried it out yet but I feel this could be the pen for me.

Then I got a private jet and signed it off with the new pen. Fiverr $$$ of course baby.

emmaki !!! hahhaah a parker pen ? or a normal one :smiley: m sure u can have a golden pen

keep doing !!

Oh God, Parker pens. My parents always got me PPs when I was at school and they always got lost or borrowed. I remember one particularly stupid teenage argument where I walked off announcing that I would only use BICs from that point on. They were nice to write with though. Still overpriced and stupid. I’ll stick with crappy pens ta.



What the hell is wrong with you emmaki? I thought you were wise and clued up. Don’t you know that the world is full of pens? I too own a pen but I don’t like taking it out in public as all I have to do if I need a pen is ask someone if I can borrow one. I mean what if I dropped mine or something?

Take it from me, you should be investing your Fiverr money, not frivolling it all away on bics and biros. How are they going to pay you dividends in your old age?

All you’re doing here is buying shiny new pens so that you can boast about how flush you are. Well, well done. You’ve lost all respect from me just wasting your money on assets which everyone knows depreciate in value after the first doodle.

Of course, I might be wrong. Maybe you are going to use your new pen to start on your boob writing? in this case, ok, that might be a wise investment choice. You could have just snatched one from Argos or a teller in a bank, though, and you know it.

ROTFLMAO. You had me there :smiley:

Greatest post in the history of Fiverr forum :smiley:

The more pens I have, the more powerful I am. Surely you know by now that the pen is mightier than the sword? With my vast collection of pens–some of which are inadequate, some of which which blot, some of which don’t work unless you lick them, some of which are novelty pens that go in the special pen drawer–world domination will surely be mine soon.

I have never stolen a pen from a bank or Argos. Although the chain that ties them to the desk is flimsy, those pens are rubbish.

Hahaha I’ve a parker pen and I’m keeping it for almost 3-4 years. I love to take good care of my things :smiley:

@cyaxrex that’s rude. You shouldn’t talk to a woman like that. It’s very bad

I bought a pen on Fiverr for $5. I was going to keep a llama in it. It turned out to be an ink pen but the seller did not specific. I called the FBI and reported them and I wrote a long rant full of swear words but @annai80 deleted it. I will never buy another pen anywhere. Ever. Your pen is no good either. Leaky!!! No matter how many jets we own (24 for me) it is the pens that are ruining the world.

You should be bapped on the head for that post. :wink:

24 jets! That’s very Texan of you.

I am glad you reported your Islamic Terror Pen to the FBI. I am sure they took your complain very seriously and they will shut down the terror cell that is mass producing such pens so that good, decent and god-fearing citizens will be protected from this menace.

Also, shouldn’t it have been an alpaca rather than a llama? Llamas are kind of yesterday’s thing.

I always carry my own pen when I go to the bank.

Yeah !!! in our country it is very expensive and its like golden pen . Yeah i also know my days when i was having my high school exam i argue with my dad that i will not go to exam until i not get parker pen and that time i use parker first time . it was great but expensive at that time if m not wrong it was around 50$ a start parker pen :slight_smile:

Best wishes for your private jet . :slight_smile:

I also have a pen and i only use it to write something umm!!!ya i think that’s what its good for:)

Ha ha… That’s a nice investment

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: he he love to read your comments and stories :slight_smile:

Ha Ha… You are certainly one of best Copywriters here … :slight_smile:

You got a pen but i bought a pencil…hopefully that’s works fine and i did not face any problem with that…so saved my $5…LOL