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While it was half in jest, I don’t think it’s any more off than yours and I don’t think our definitions of figuratively match. Your title and posts come off as if you’re saying that Fiverr is as good as our employer and I absolutely disagree with that, literally and figuratively, unless perhaps from the perspective of sellers who choose to consider Fiverr their employer one-sidedly.

All that and a lot of nice stuff more is no nonsense at all. I’ve worked in companies, for other people, and as a freelancer, not just on Fiverr or online platforms but in brick-and-mortar businesses, and I enjoy all that nice stuff quite a lot. I also know that I like being a freelancer, both on Fiverr and off-Fiverr a whole lot better than I liked it at some of the jobs where I was an employee. No, make that all of the jobs, actually.
Maybe the reasons for which some people like being freelancers are nonsense to you, though, could be, I guess, so if you want to call things I enjoy stuff nonsense, be my guest.

The examples you list yourself aren’t signs of being employed but pretty much all are valid if you own your own business “in the real world” too (apart from the algorithm thing maybe but today, usually your business’s survival depends on Google’s and other algorithms too, depending on your industry).
You don’t reply to that email or phone call to that potential customer fast enough? They may have called and done business with someone else already, business lost, next time you’ll probably reply sooner.
Have spent a few years building up your workshop and finally you’re actually earning money and have a good customer base? Too bad that right now your landlord decides he wants to sell the premises.
Avoided or given in to difficult clients sometimes? I guarantee you that loads of self-employed people who don’t even know of Fiverr have done that at times.
A customer doesn’t like how you talk to them or that you delivered late or didn’t do the job they hired you to do yourself and they thought they’d pay your hourly wage for your work and not for that of your apprentice, or whatever else? You could lose not just that customer but all your local business too if they tell everyone.
Those things you list aren’t exclusive to Fiverr and don’t prove that Fiverr is our employer which you seem to try to do, literally or figuratively, but apply to people working completely for themselves as well.

The crux of the matter is that Fiverr is not our employer, hence its unwise to completely rely on it (and you can’t even rely on any one employer, for that matter, unless you’re maybe in some really safe government job, if your employer goes belly up, you can find yourself out of work just as soon as you can get banned by Fiverr), I absolutely agree with your conclusion or suggestion, I thought my post made that clear, I just don’t agree with being told that I work for Fiverr or am their employee, neither in a literal nor figurative sense, because I’m not.

Kept on the green light to get more orders? No, actually, I often turn the green light off, like in the evening when I want to focus on something else than work, often forget to turn it on again, even go many days in a row without it.
Rushed to reply? Yeah, sometimes, but not always, like for any of my own businesses (I consider my Fiverr gigs my own business, using their platform, as I said).
Canceled orders to avoid bad review? Not yet. My cancellation reasons so far where that I really didn’t want to work with two people over two years (I couldn’t have done that if I was an employee here), and, of course, when people do accidental double orders or such.

If you didn’t want to discuss and hear others’ opinions, that’s okay too, I’ll just appreciate the suggestion/tip part of the post to not put all one’s eggs in the same basket, as a general truth in life and a good reminder for sellers then, it can’t be said or written often enough here. Good tip.


Circular Thread. Note: Sellers are not Staff. Read thread for discussion on figurative interpretation of title.