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You Wouldn't Think CS Could Sink So Low

It starts like this.
‘Jale’. Right. Sure. Jale.
So… what do you actually do? Like… what is your job? Can you… refer me to someone who can be bothered to help someone?
Is that a threat to… to… ‘make the money go’? Yes, beg. Begging seems like a good solution.
You too! The supreme passive-aggressiveness is marvelling my day enough.

I'm crying...

… with laughter.

You wouldn’t think CS could sink so low. I don’t know what they have against me. Every agent I talk too seems to be full of this… Except that one scared of me. I like that one.

Wait a second, is that a real CS answer???


C’mon, “Jale” - show us a screenshot of the whole convo …


I never had such issues, CS is always nice to me.

Plus, that doesn’t seem like a customer support conversation. You need more proof if you want us to believe you :slight_smile:


Is this real, or joke?

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If you could post the full conversation cause there probably is some context, if not then wow.


I’m a bit disappointed to be honest that nobody believes me. Slightly discouraging.

Hi Jake,

I went to search for the conversation you posted above to make sure that our support team is not acting in a way that wasn’t helpful to our buyers and sellers. I was not able to find either conversation you posted above using the request code, date, or your username.

It looks like your initial request was answered and when you asked about internal tools or another users account, we (as always) will not be able to share that information with you. As you can understand you would not want us to share your personal information with anyone asking about your account.

If you could forward the conversational email ( above, I can investigate further. But as of now, I can not find it in our support ticketing system.



Oh my :grimacing: I hope that’s not a real message.


This has to be inspect element.

Closing this topic from user conversation until the above support conversation can be verified.