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You'll get more than 3500 100% real human instagram likes (real people)

I have the cheapest and very high quality instagram likes with guarantee (money back) , and more cheap Extras, see more details in my gig

from your description its seems Great and Cheap Gig bro… But I will not believe this until I buy it and try it , because its very cheap for real human likes !!

You are very welcome , it is not looking real accounts likes or automatic likes…

It is Likes from REAL Human Accounts with many photos and followers ,

and I guarantee the service (money Back)…

I’m sure if you try it once you will order it many times… :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: You are right to not believe it , but You can try it and see by your eyes…

although I will give you a prove from one of my clients :

his account is : Ma7amed50 on instagram

check this photo in his account

and see the quality of the likers of this photo , he just ordered 200 like for this photo and reached to 400

also i said this service is guaranteed by money back

Thanks… :slight_smile:

I agree with your point kjblynx , cause i really dont believe he can get me 3500 likes from real people…!! or even 2500

So i decided to Try your service m7md_ramadan50 , i have a new project on instagram (tiny designs) , I just enter fiverr to promote this new project on instagram and twitter , and itis the first time to order a service here, so if you really kept your word and provide what you promise in your service (and I even will be justified by 3000) I will deal with you more and more… otherwise i take my money back and make a very negative review

first of all , thank you for ordering the service… now I’ve just delivered the service (likes)

waiting for your review :slight_smile:

WoOoW… Really very amazing Service , You did what you promised… The likes are really HQ and from real human accounts and some photos get likes more than I ordered… Great Thanx to you , I will always deal with you

Reply to @kjblynx:

I tried His Service and its really amazing… It is from real human accounts , not looking real or fake accounts !!

Are they Real likes or looking real ?? because if itis from real accounts i will order it immediately , cause iam searching for service like this for a month

They are 100% real sir… just order the service , and if they are not real i will get cancel the order and you get your money back…

Thanx… :slight_smile:

Okay I will order it and will see