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Young Fiverr Sellers

Hi there,
I was just wondering if you guys now if there are many selllers on fiverr who are between the ages 13-18. I think I may be one of the youngest here on fiverr. I know that people who are under 13 cannot join, that’s why I set that as the minimum age requirement.

I think some have popped up on the forum that are around 15-16. I’m sure there are even more, but a lot of them might not participate in the forum.

I’m a college student, so I guess welcome, fellow millennial? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Any 13 yr olds? (20characters)

They’re there, I’m sure. For example, if you search 13 year old:

My daughter is 12 and has been doing gigs on fiverr (under my profile) since she was 10…


What category are the gigs of?

There are definitely many young sellers. There are quite a few children who sell along with their parents in categories like artwork, spokesperson, etc. There are many young people around 18 who sell as a first way to earn some money after school. I don’t think many are on the forum since many of the younger ones (13-15 or under 13 but on a family account) have parents watching their online social activity closely.


voiceover - she is a bit young for the forum just yet :slight_smile: