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Young Freelancer Looking For Exposure

Yep. The title says it all. Like most young freelancers, I’m just really looking for a way to get my name out there. So far I’ve used my social media accounts, my website, and LinkedIn as methods of advertising myself. That said, however, most of the people who follow me on those sites aren’t actively looking for writers (but I’m going to assume they’re going to spread the word if they can). I’m also in a very tight financial situation, so it’s not like I can readily afford the classes Fiverr offers, either. Are there any inexpensive ways to promote yourself for the right demographic? If so, what tips do you have?

Also, can we provide links in our posts? If so, then I’ll definitely provide a link to my gig.

Hello again Jessie. I just left you a welcome message on your other thread ! But yes you can share your link but not here… better at ‘‘My Fiverr Gig’’ topic… good luck!!

Warmly, Humberto

Links to advertise are allowed in My Fiverr Gigs only.

Here are the forum rules: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's

Check this out: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here's How - UPYOUR

Also, suggest you check out the competition in your category re pricing as new sellers usually lower their prices until they move up the levels.