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Your account is being reviewed & My all Gig Denied

Last night I got this message from Fiverr. I don’t know what was my fault. I am so much disappointed now. I will get level 1 next month. I didn’t get any warning before. just the mail came and my freelancing carrier is now in question. I have a pending $600 balance. I didn’t withdraw before. My first pending clearance of $80 will be May 14. can I withdraw the fund during this situation?
and how long it takes from the review? can I get back my account again?
my all gig is denied and I can’t send any message to my clients it showed up that ‘‘Your account is currently restricted. You cannot send messages at this time’’
please if anyone faced the same situation like me help me out.
Thanks in Advanced

I think you need to contact customer support

You don’t need contact support. The support will just ask you to wait.

May I know what type of gig you are offering?
The review process will depends on the situation. No one really knows.

And if your account is banned after they review. You will only able to access the balance 90 days later.

Later will be an email sending you if you get banned

I provide facebook marketing services.
Let me clarify during this service i need to provide my email to get their facebook business manager Access.
But i always use " eml" word.

I can access my earnings balance. 14 may will be the first fund clear. Should i try for withdraw?

In that case, maybe you can ask Support which Facebook terms of service that you have broke. And hoping it’s just a misunderstanding.

Honestly, I will suggest you to withdraw whatever you have once you cleared the fund. You will never know what will happen to your account. Maybe after 14 May, your account will get blocked, and you will need to wait for 90days

Ok thanks a lot for the suggestion.
I will let you know the update of my account. Hope everything will be okay :disappointed:

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